10 best fruits for skin glowing

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What should one eat for the skin glowing? What foods are suitable for “beauty diet”? What menu for the skin glowing is the best one? What are the best skin glow products?

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Every girl being at different age period wants to look attractive, be beautiful, have finely glowing skin. It is supposed to be a well known fact that the health of our skin is under the influence, in addition to age, of three more factors (actually a few more, but we are trying to provide the most important according to beauticians):

  • systematic and proper care;
  • stressful situations and ability to cope with them;
  • well-balanced diet.

If you are not planning to lose weight, then the adherence to the diet, beneficial for the skin, will not demand refusing from something. But there are foods, quantity of which should be limited. These include all canned foods, refined sugar, white rice, overly spicy or salty food, processed foods of any taste and sight, from sausages and fish, and confectionery.

The first place of your beauty diet should be occupied by slow carbs and proteins which are supposed to be very important and beneficial for the skin glowing. On the second place, but only in order, not by value – are fresh vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruit are useful to eat at any time of year: seasonal or grown in greenhouses. Why fruits and vegetables is important food for skin glow?

First of all, fresh vegetables and fruits contain a unique vitamin-mineral complexes, which you will not replace by any tablets from drugstore. Second, fresh fruits and vegetables that contain high amounts of fiber stimulate intestinal activity and improve the metabolic processes of the human body as a whole.

BEST tips for glowing skin

fruits for skin glowing

For our skin more important is the availability in fresh fruits and vegetables such wonderful components as antioxidants. Modern theories of aging, actively developed by Western scientists, are putting at the forefront the theory of aging free-radicals. The cells, which are collapsing from the damage of free radicals, change their properties, accelerating their destruction and slowing down growth and division.

A huge quantity of skin glowing elements is in fresh fruits, vegetables and edible herbs.

As soon as you notice any distortion of the skin, such as redness or acne, simply select the product that will help you cope with this problem and eliminate it forever or if you want to have your skin glowing. Just add these vegetables and fruits for skin glowing to your nutrition and the health of the skin will improve.


Banana can be used if you have problems with acne. Even this one fruit per day prevents the formation of toxic acids in the skin cells that cause acne.


Pineapple softens dry, lifeless skin and rejuvenates it. Constantly adding pineapple to your nutrition and you will notice how the skin of the face, knees, elbows and heels will begin to smooth out and become softer.


Cucumber is a classic remedy for the treatment of oily skin, it prevents the appearance of wrinkles and acne. While it is useful for both internal and external applications in the form of various masks.


Fresh peach juice is particularly helpful during summer vacation. It helps with burns, eczema and itching as a natural astringent lotion. The use of peach in the food helps to improve the complexion, smooth out wrinkles and get rid of acne.

best fruits for skin glowing


Lemon juice refreshes the face and hair, removes dandruff. Thanks to the elements contained in it vitamins, lemon moisturizes dry skin and helps it stay fresh throughout the day.


Apples are a great remedy for fine wrinkles, cracks, skin inflammation and itching. Apple juice can also be used as a lotion.


Orange reduces skin redness, helps with various rashes and acne and can be used to eliminate scars and dimples.


Pomegranate is perfect for eliminating ulcers and acne, rejuvenates the skin, giving it a natural tint that increases its resistance to external environmental conditions.

Raspberries, blackberries, currants

These berries contain collagen which is essential to give the skin a youthful and fresh appearance.

In order to obtain the necessary portions of antioxidants which help to maintain the beauty of our skin, you need to include 5 servings of various fruits every day in your diet.

tips for skin glowing

Below is a sample layout of servings of various fruits:

  • One pear or apple, one banana, one grapefruit or orange.
  • 2 full (heaped) tablespoons of vegetables — in the salad or separately.
  • Two apricots or plums, one peach or two kiwi.
  • Watermelon, pineapple, melon – one large slice.
  • Grapes and any berries — 100 gr (half a cup).
  • Three leaves of fresh cabbage.
  • One cucumber or one tomato, one carrot.
  • Half a glass of fresh vegetable juice.
  • One glass of fresh fruit juice.
  • Fruit salad or three dessert spoons.
  • Small bunch of any fresh herbs.
  • Steamed, boiled or baked vegetables or three tablespoons. It is better to use the grill or cook them in the steamer.

Of course, you can’t eat in one day all of the above. But if you eat an apple, watermelon, vegetable salad, drink a glass of juice, and for dinner indulge yourself with fruit salad — you can be absolutely sure that you consume enough fruits and vegetables. This amount will be enough for cells of your skin to perform all of its functions.

If, after reading this list you realize that your diet is poor with fruit and vegetable menu, correct the situation as soon as possible. Our skin renews every 28 days, and after this period, you will notice a definite positive change. That’s why during summer time or season of different fruits don’t miss such a great opportunity not only to heal your body, eating more fruits and vegetables, but also nourish your skin with essential vitamins-antioxidants.

To the extent possible, eliminate sugar from the diet, replacing it with honey and dried fruits. The need for glucose is satisfied, and at the same time you will get minerals and vitamins.

It is advisable not to eat fruits after meals, it affects digestion process, until the intestinal disorders. Eat your fruits before eating, and it is even better to make a snack or second breakfast with fruits.

Take your time. Much greater the pleasure will be if you eat thoughtfully, enjoying the aroma and taste of fresh fruits.

A perfect drink to make a complement and strengthen the effect of fruit and vegetable antioxidants, is to use green tea. This tea tones, improves metabolism, quenches thirst. And it is very tasty.

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