Shocking – Man slaughters wife, walks the street with her head

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Zhang, holding his wife’s head, accompanied by a friend. (Metro photo)
A man identified as Zhang, 31, has been accused of slaughtering his wife in their flat and walking calmly through the streets of China, holding her head.

The man, who was caught on camera holding his wife’s head, was believed to have taken the head to a waste transfer station to dispose it.
The incident happened in the village of Kangle in Guangzhou’s Haizhu District in South China’s Guangdong Province.
The victim’s severed head was later discovered by a sanitation worker who called the police.
The headless body of the woman surnamed Xia, 28, was found inside the flat where the incident happened, with Zhang later arrested on murder charges, Haizhu District authorities said in a public statement.
Chilling CCTV has also emerged of the moment Zhang walked out the front entrance of his building, holding his wife’s head in his left hand.
Another unidentified man accompanied him as he calmly walked through the alleyway moments before disposing of his wife’s head.
Shockingly, no one appeared to notice the woman’s head during the short clip.
Reports say the victim’s head was later retrieved from the transfer station by the authorities, who carried it away in a cardboard box.
Investigations are still ongoing.
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