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5 Elderly Men Arrested for Chopping an 80yrs Old Woman in Public

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The pictures of the four suspects (top left) John Linartz, Charles Ardito, (bottom left) Richard Butler, Daniel Dobbins and two others were arrested for allegedly having s8x at the Grace Richardson Conservation area in Fairfield. Pix source: Fairfield Police & Google Maps.

AN octogenarian and five elderly men were arrested after they were allegedly caught having s8x with 80yrs old woman in a woodland in Connecticut, the United States, last week.

Police say they busted the senior citizens getting hot and heavy at the Grace Richardson Conservation area in Fairfield during a police crackdown on public hook-ups in the area.

The Connecticut Post identified the frisky locals as Joyce Butler, 85 – the sole woman participating in the orgy – her husband Richard Butler, 82; Daniel Dobbins, 67; Otto D. Williams, 62; Charles L. Ardito, 75; and John Linartz, 62.
All six were arrested and charged with breach of peace.

Dobbins and Linartz have additionally been charged with public indecency. According to the Connecticut Post, Dobbins was previously charged with second-degree breach of peace by Connecticut police. Witnesses said they spotted him walking around a park naked, before police found him inside his car “with his shirt and shorts draped over him and no underwear.”

The s8xtet was later released and will appear in court at a later date.

Authorities decided to increase surveillance on the Grace Richardson Conservation following complaints about “lewd and sexual activity” taking place in the vicinity, earlier this month.

On Aug 9, concerned citizens called the cops to report a public hook-up happening in the wooded area.

The Connecticut Times reports that the Grace Richardson Conservation is listed online as a popular spot for public s8x.

The park has been advertised on at least one “City Hook-up Guide” as a meet-up spot, alongside other Fairfield locations including a commuter parking lot and a local McDonald’s. Police say they will continue to monitor those sites, as well as internet listings, in order to keep public spaces “appropriate and safe.”

Source: Daily Mail

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