REVEALED: See The People Allegedly Behind the Attack On Sunday Igboho’s House and Kidnapping of His Wife

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REVEALED: See The People Allegedly Behind the Attack On Sunday Igboho's House and Kidnapping of His Wife

REVEALED: See The People Allegedly Behind the Attack On Sunday Igboho’s House and Kidnapping of His Wife.

Yoruba Nation agitator, Chief Sunday Adeyemi Igboho has once again come under violent attacks from elements suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

The latest attack on Chief Sunday Igboho is coming months after the first attack on his residence in which the building was set ablaze after cars worth millions of Naira were burnt and shattered to pieces.

There has been agitation for a separate nation for the Yoruba people of Nigeria similar to the one championed by IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is currently being held by the Nigerian state in the custody of the Department of States Security Service.

Who Are The People Behind The Attack?

There is no consensus on who the attackers are but recall what brought Chief Sunday Ignoho to national prominence was his insistence and eviction notice to the Seriki Fulani of Igangan after reports of him went viral that he was encouraging kidnapping and receiving ransom on behalf of Fulani kidnappers in the area.

The election notice served by Sunday Igboho on the Fulani leader deveined lots of accolades from people from the Southern part while those from Northern Nigeria bashed Sunday Igboho for exciting a Nigerian from his place of abode.

REVEALED: See The People Allegedly Behind the Attack On Sunday Igboho's House and Kidnapping of His Wife

Those who condemned the action of Sunday Igboho cited the Nigerian constitution that stipulated that a Nigerian citizen is free to live in any part of the county without fear or favour.

There have also been warning from elements from the north threatening the life of Sunday Igboho and his followers to desist from further calling for the break up of Nigeria.

REVEALED: See The People Allegedly Behind the Attack On Sunday Igboho's House and Kidnapping of His Wife

The first suspicion from any right-thinking person especially if you are from the southern part of Nigeria is none other than the Fulanis.

It is alleged that the Fulanis are angry that their leader has been sent packing and his property destroyed after the expiration of the quit notice served by Sunday Igboho.

It is believed that the Fulanis never forgives any perceived wrong done to them and ben if it takes years, they will definitely avenge.

Another angle to it was that there are wild speculations that members of the Nigerian military could have been part of the attackers that struck the home of the Yoruba Nation agitation leader.

Recall that during one of the outings of Sunday Igboho, his entourage came under heavy attack on Lagos-Ibadan expressway by members of the military and DSS agents who tried to arrest him but was resisted by Igboho’s followers.

The Nigerian government, including the security agencies, quickly denied the claim even though there was video evidence.

Casualties Of The Attack

He said this in a statement personally signed by him and made available to newsmen by his Communications Manager, Mr. Maxwell Adeleye.

The statement was titled, ‘Yoruba Nation: Elements of the Nigerian Army, Accompanied by International Terrorists hired by the Nigerian State attacked Sunday Ighoho’s Residence – Akintoye.

Aside from the statement issued by Professor Akintoye, the real casualty cannot be ascertained as of the time of writing this article but by the end of the day, the number of people that got injured, kidnapped or died would have been known.

Eyewitness Account

Speaking to SaharaReporters, an aide to the Ighoho who said he witnessed the incident said the attackers took away jewellery and a huge amount of cash belonging to the Yoruba activist and his family.

“Around 1am, we started hearing gunshots, there was pandemonium everywhere. Then we saw soldiers, they were dressed as if they were going for a battle. Before we knew what was happening, they started targeting places where people sleep in the house.

“It was God that saved me and others, they came prepared. Only God knows how they identified Igboho’s room, they went there, took his money and jewellery. Same as that of his wife and other family members.

“They even took away his cat when they didn’t see him. They claimed it might be Ighoho that turned to the cat, so they took it away.

“They shot at the cars and riddled the glasses and doors with bullets.”

Another person who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “They came around 1:30 am and started shooting. They scaled the fence and started shooting at everybody and everything they saw.

“Chief was around but the way he escaped surprised everybody. An insider must have given them information about the house and its occupants.

“They were asking for each person by name and they killed five and took away their corpses. They also whisked a lady away and wives of Igboho’s aides who live in the house.

“Those who came are soldiers and Department of State Services (DSS) operatives.

“They even killed some small cats and ‘arrested’ a bigger cat, believing Igboho might have turned to the cat.”

It is being insinuated in some quarters that the attack on Sunday Igboho’s house was to stop him from leading the Yoruba Nation rally that was slated for 3rd of July in Lagos. How true that is, no one can say for sure.



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