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Angry Wife Pours Hot Water on Cheating Husband

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Angry Wife Pours Hot Water on Cheating Husband.

Married women are not smiling during this lock-down period and many of them are no longer ready to share their man with another woman, or should i say “side chick.”

This is the story of a married man who’s laying helpless on the hospital bed in pains after getting what he never bargained for from his jealous angry wife.

According to a Facebook user who shared the graphic picture on a group, the victim was victimize by his beautiful angry wife after she suspected he was cheating around with an unknown lady amidst the lock down order.

Apparently she suspected the man was cheating on her on several occasions after seeing love text messages on his phone, which he always denies that it’s a business associate who was disturbing him that sent the messages.

It all happened on a Sunday evening after launch, the husband was said to have told his wife that he wants to visit a business associate just along the street. Initially she bluntly refused him going out due to the lock down and for fear of him contacting the deadly COVID-19 virus, but after several begging and persuasion by the husband, she allowed him have his way.

Being a wise woman who truly loved her husband and wanted to find out if he was really cheating, she decided to tail him without his knowledge.

Just some few blocks away, the man stopped and knocked on a door. A lady came out and gave him a kiss before ushering him into the house.

To the wife, this was a clear indication that her husband was indeed cheating on her. Out of being furious and boiling in anger, she went back home and waited for him to return.

The husband was said to have return around 9pm and told the wife goodnight as he went to bed without knowing what awaits him.

According to reports, the wife waited for him to pull his cloths and sleep off before going to the kitchen to take the hot water she has been boiling of which she poured on his back while he was still sleeping.

You can see the outcome of her actions in the graphic photos.

Cheating Husband

She was later taken to the police station and the man is still recovering in the hospital.

They’ve been so many reactions on Facebook if what she did was right, or perhaps she went too far in showing her anger.

We will like to hear what you have to say about this.

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