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Braun Strowman Confirmed That The Big Show Is His ’Wrestling Dad’

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We, like everyone else in the world, love Braun Strowman. That’s definitely not news. And while Strowman hasn’t quite attained world champ status just yet, he’s a champion of our hearts. And he’s absolutely on the right track.

The man believes he’s going to be a Hall of Famer when it’s all said and done, and it’s hard to doubt him. From everything we’ve seen, heard, and read, he’s done all the right things and picked the brains of all the right people, and he’s already among the discussion for the best big men of all time in pro wrestling.
One of those “right people” that Strowman has sat under the learning tree of is arguably the best and most accomplished wrestling giant ever, the Big Show. While Show might have never captured the minds and hearts of the public like Andre the Giant did, the fake son of Andre (at least in WCW) has been around for decades and has accomplished everything you can in the business.
So maybe Big Show sees a lot of himself in Strowman. We know from speaking to the guy firsthand that he thinks very highly of the Monster Among Men. But while WWE isn’t billing Strowman as Big Show’s large adult son, Strowman himself says that at this point, Big Show is his “wrestling dad.”
During a conversation with Booker T on the Heated Conversations podcast, Strowman elaborated on what he means by that. (Transcript via Wrestling Inc.)
“The big matches I had against The Big Show last year in an almost passing of the torch with that, and him taking me under my wing. We have a joke where I call The Big Show my ‘Wrestling Dad,’ because he treats me like a son. When I do something dumb he whacks me over the head and tells me not to do it again. 
“Same thing with Undertaker and Kane; where, with Kane I have been almost working with him for an entire year on the house shows and just listening to these guys stories and things they have done. These guys have done everything there is to do within this industry, and they are a fountain of knowledge, so anything I can do to pick their brains and talk, and put a match together with, they are special because I know there will come a day when it’ll be my job to do the same with other talents coming in.”
Look, this isn’t going to be the last conversation we have about daddies on With Spandex. But it’s unquestionably the most satisfying conversation about wrestling dads that we’re going to have today. Probably.
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