Can you Allow Your Wife Wear This on Your Wedding Day?

Wedding is one of the best days in a lady’s life and it has been often said that it’s the day she becomes complete, walking the aisles with the man she’ll be spending the rest of her life with. It’s also the day she looks most beautiful and for some ladies, it’s the day she’ll fix her first eye lash and nails.

Lets pause and ask this question, to what extent can a bride go to show just about everything on her wedding day. Taking a look at the above photo which is trending online, can you as a man allow your future wife and the potential mother of your children dress this way on your wedding day?

As a woman, what are your thoughts on this wedding dress, do you think she went too far wearing this on a day which is suppose to be a lasting memory. You can see all her assets are showing, something meant for her husband’s eyes alone.

Lets have your thoughts.


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