China Use Robots for Sanitizing People Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

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China Use Robots for Sanitizing People Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

China Use Robots for Sanitizing People Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak.

In China, robots are currently being used to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

In Wuhan, where the outbreak started, a robot spraying disinfectant moves through a residential area of the city.

A patrol robot in a Shenyang, China, hospital checks temperatures and disinfects people and spaces.

Hand sanitizing robot in the street of Shanghai, photograhed March, 2020.

Robots are being used for more than just disinfecting areas with coronavirus.

A hospital in Ezhou has incorporated a robot chef into its kitchen.

China has revealed its first intelligent programme at a makeshift hospital in Wuhan, featuring 5G-powered robots that provide round-the-clock care for the coronavirus patients.

The intelligent machines can take patients’ temperature and deliver meals to them. They can also patrol and disinfect hospital areas. Medics are seen taking pictures with the robot.

Sharing food presents an opportunity to spread the virus, so some cities have been incorporating robots in food service and preparation.

These robots delivered food to diners in Hangzhou.

The Droid supplies and delivers drugs and food to patients.

They also retrieve waste/dirts, dirty cloths, bedsheet, used plates and cutleries from patients.

Drone with megaphone giving information to residents.

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