Cry for Help – Pretty Teenage Mentally Disturbed Girl Abandoned for Death Close to Catholic Church

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A good Samaritan Julesville Omalicha shared information about a young pretty teenage girl of about 15 years who is abandoned to die all because she is mentally ill.

The girl was last seen sleeping motionless on a heap of refuse around New road bus stop, Bale street, Ajegunle.

Omalicha who share the touching story wrote:

I recently started seeing this little girl, a teenager roaming the streets of Ajegunle. And i will be wondering where she came from, where her parents or guardians are? Thinking of how to help her.

I stopped one day to make friends with her. I brought out 100 naira to give her and see if i can elicit any info from her, but she ran off before i got to where she was standing.

Mental health is a neglected area in Nigeria because of IGNORANCE and SUPERSTITION, Who knows? Maybe,when this ailment started, they may have taken her to “church for deliverance, but what she needed was an evaluation and treatment.They may have termed her abiku or demon possessed.

Today, i saw her sleeping on a heap of refuse at New road bus stop, Bale street, Ajegunle.

This place is close to St Charles Catholic church and the Local government Chairman’s family house.

I took the first pic. Then went closer, she is still breathing, I think she is sick.

Do we still have Social Welfare Service in this country?

If yes, can somebody give me their number to call them to come and get this girl?

I stopped and took these pics when i noticed that everyone was carrying on with their own businesses. Some were going to church and the others were coming back. Looking and forming holy. What is holiness without PIETY!

Share this picture until AJIF Chairman, Gov Ambode , Lagos state commissioner for health and Buhari sees it and do something

This girl in in GREAT DANGER and very VULNERABLE. Every life is important.

I am very passionate about children and the girl child in particular. Let’s help this child like the abandoned little boy picked up and nurtured by a white woman years ago!

Thank you!

Please if you are reading this and you happen to reside around that environment, help salvage her situation by sharing or reporting this to the proper authority. She urgently needs our help!

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