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How do prisoners on death row remain so calm when they’re about to be executed?

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Jamess Rain
Book Author
5w ago
It depends
Sometimes inmates wait for their execution for a very long time. So they have enough time to

accept death a remain calm during the execution. They know they can’t run away and the best and the fastest way how to carry out the execution is to keep the rules. They are often aware of their crimes and they accept what they deserve. Sometimes it’s unbelievable how could be inmates so calm…

Not every time they are so calm
Often people have been scared, afraid of dying. So they have resisted and executioners sometimes have had problems to execute them.
Jayde Sparrow
Just over a decade of experience working “behind bars”
20w ago
I believe it’s because in most states it takes years and YEARS to finally be put to death… unless you’re Texas of course. But by then they have exhausted all appeals and finally come to term with the fact they are going to die. That and I also believe they are given something to take prior like a valium or something to calm their nerves.
Robert Grooms
former 51 Years Convict
21w ago
Don’t know if that is the case, but if it is the cause is probably downers prescribed by the prison medical personnel. As I remember it, there was a lot of sleeping going on on the X-Row (Death Row) I am familiar with.
Mick Doherty
studied at Grangemouth High School
21w ago
Not all prisoners go willingly and calmly. I think they probably end up resigned to their fate, like a person dying of cancer who dies calmly. They’ve sat in a cell for sometimes 15 years or so. They’re probably glad to get it over with in some ways.
Seth Campbelle
Direct Sales at Spectrum (2017-present)
21w ago
I’ve never been on death row. Not have I known any one on death row. But I know that it takes a long time from sentencing before the execution actually happens. I imagine they have a lot of time to make peace with it. I also imagine it involves a similar process to the way we process grief after a loss. I would be very interested to read the account of someone more experienced in this area.
Diamond Ringold
works at Self-Employment
20w ago
I’m not sure, but maybe they go through the 5 stages (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) the same as a person might for the death of a close loved one like a mother or father. It’s still a death of someone very close to them and sooner or later maybe they just accept it. But I don’t really know much of anything about anything so this is just a guess. 🙂
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