How Prostitute Who Removed Her Womb Got Pregnant After Marriage

How Prostitute Who Removed Her Womb Got Pregnant After Marriage

There is this lady (Name withheld) who was a core professional prostitute and made a living out it. She had so many customers who patronized her because of her beauty and elegant body.

The prostitute knew that no man will ever accept her as a wife, so she went to a hospital and told the doctor to remove her womb so she will no longer
have to come for abortions.

After some years, someone preached the word of God to the prostitute and somehow she gave her life to Christ and started working in the church and also became dedicated to God.

As time went by, one of the Pastors called her and told her ‘my sister, ‘the Lord spoke to me that you are my wife, i want to marry you.’

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The lady smiled and said ‘Brother, the Lord didn’t tell you anything or maybe you didn’t hear him clearly, go back because I’m not even planning to marry any man.

The man came back the second time and told her again ‘the Lord said that you are my wife’. The Lady smiled and narrated her story to him.

The man still insisted on marrying her and she told the Pastor, ‘I don’t have a womb, I removed it after several abortions’, but the pastor still
insisted, ‘The Lord said you are my wife’, she finally accepted and they got married.

Not too long after some months she became pregnant. The lady and the man went to the hospital where her womb was removed, the doctor thought she was coming for another business, but the lady told the him that ‘she was pregnant and i have come to the hospital to register for antenatal’.

The doctor was shocked, with laughter he said, ‘you asked me to remove your womb, you can no longer have children’. but the lady replied, it is the GRACE, FAVOUR and MERCY of GOD that she’s pregnant.

The doctor conducted a pregnancy test which showed that she was indeed one month pregnant. Out of disbelief and tears, the doctor said, ‘please, show me your God, I want to worship Him’.

Not too long the lady gave birth to a baby boy.

The GRACE OF GOD is still Suficient.

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