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Lock down – Man Collapse Pleads for Help After Days of Starvation

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Lock down - Man Collapse Pleads for Help After Days of Starvation

The lock down by the Government of Nigeria is no doubt biting hard on it’s citizens as an elderly man collapse on the street of Port-Harcourt after days of starvation.

According to reports, residents of Okrika were in deep shock and many ran for their lives after an elderly man was said to have collapsed on the street.

A good Samaritan Doctor was said to have ran out of his house to asked the man what was wrong and later found out that the man collapsed out of starvation.

A lady who shared the news on a WhatsApp group said:

One matured man collapse for our areas if you see how some pick race I was screaming for help till one doctor ran out from his house and went close to the man to find out he is hungry see as everybody enter house find food for plate ran to the place the man ate gather strength to explain he has not eaten since morning chai I was so weak and sad.

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The Government of Nigerian claimed they have distributed Billions of Naira to the extreme poor to alleviate the sufferings, but locals doubt if those funds really got to the right people.

Nigerian Government has extended it’s lock down exercise for another two weeks in a bid to curb the spread of the virus COVID-19.

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