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How to Handle A Man and Make Him Bow At Your Feet

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How to Handle A Man and Make Him Bow At Your Feet

How to Handle A Man and Make Him Bow At Your Feet.

So how do you handle a man and make him bow to your fit?

Well, we have put up some key points you should practice as a loving wife or a single lady ripe for marriage

Consider the Following Key Points

  1. Respect him, honour him, submit to his leadership.
  2. Praise him, celebrate him, adore him.
  3. Listen to him when he talks, look into his eye ball, give him 100% attention when together.
  4. Support his vision, business, ministry, career.
  5. Be his number one fan and cheer leader.
  6. Cover his nakedness, don’t expose his weaknesses to friends, families and foes.
  7. Listen meekly to him when he corrects.
  8. Always correct in love, don’t shout at him, ridicule, disgrace and abuse him both in private and public.
  9. Serve him quality food when due.
    a. Be eager to make love to him whenever he needs you unless you are seriously sick, tired and worn out.
    b. Learn to be hot, wild and passionate or gentle, slow and rhythmic depending on how he wants it.
    c. Shamelessly flirt as occasion demands.
    d. Keep body in shape after childbirth, don’t allow your v*g fall apart.
    e. Always go to bed sparkling clean and smelling fresh.
    f. Be eager and sometimes initiate love making.
    a. No sex is allowed before marriage.
    b. No kissing, romancing, necking and pecking. When a man gets milk for free, he won’t buy the cow.
    c. Let him pay your bride price first and marry you properly.
  12. Pray for your man daily.
  13. Be gentle, loving, sweet and tender.

When all these qualities are backed up by prayer, your man will find it difficult resisting you, leaving you, abusing you or divorcing you.

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He becomes a lamb whom you control with ease. Allowing him be the head makes it easy for you the neck to rotate and direct the head anywhere you like.

He will totally adore you, honour you and literally bow before you.

Men honour women who honour them. It is the law of sowing and reaping. You reap what you sow in relationships. If you treat him like a king, he will undoubtedly treat you like his queen.

Thanks for reading, God bless you. Cheers!

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  1. That is very correct

    The quality of a persons life is in direct proportion to excel, regardless of the chosen field of endeavour.

    1. Tanks to Almighty Allah, all of what you have mentioned (about how a man vow @ his woman’s leg) it is a small part of what of our beloved messenger haven already told us over 1000yrs ago .tnks

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