When it comes to true love, size doesn’t matter meet the World’s Smallest Couple. The world’s shortest couple is Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Hoshino. They hail from Brazil. The couple measures a combined 5 feet, 10 inches. The groom, Paulo, 30, is a legal secretary measuring 34.8 […]

Why Women Get Fed-up in relationships, have you though of the reasons behind this? Most women are always embarrassed to ask their man for money or for something they need. They would rather soak up their challenges secretly or seek for help elsewhere rather than asking him. Even when she […]

She wanted to say “Don’t leave me”, but she couldn’t do it again. She wanted to say “Why can’t you understand how I’m feeling”, but she knew she can’t force you. She wanted to say “I don’t care anymore”, but she realized that wouldn’t make anything better. She wanted to […]

Don’t Be Confused! Relationship isn’t the same as Marriage. It doesn’t matter if you’re Engaged with an Expensive Diamond Ring or if you had an Elaborate Introduction Ceremony. You’re not married until you Legally Accept Vows of Marriage at the Alter. So you might need to be mindful of the […]

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