How to Toast A Girl and Make Her Fall at Your Feet

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How to Toast A Girl

How to Toast a Girl and Make Her Fall at Your Feet.

Girls are easy to woo if only you know the right things to do. 

This article is not designed for players, but serious-minded guys who want a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.

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It is very possible to win the heart of any woman regardless of her beauty and status. We’ll be taking a look at some characteristics of women and how you can use them to your advantage.

It’s important to know these characteristics so you can plan and have a blueprint on how to win her heart.

Many guys jump into telling a girl how they feel about her without first stirring up interest in her.

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For a woman to fall at your feet, you must first ignite a flame within her. You should make her feel like “wow, who’s this guy.”

To do this, you must first of all study her and know the kind of things she loves. Does she like hanging out, or dinners? Maybe she prefers movies or just staying indoor eating popcorn and reading a novel, you know stuff like that.

We are in an advanced world and any girl you toast now will always say “let’s starts as friends.”

What is she trying to do by saying that?

It’s easy to answer, she’s trying to read you and know the kind of person you are. You on the other side should also play the game big time.

Here are some outstanding characteristics of Women and what they love

Women Love to be flattered

The number one thing I want to talk about is that women love to be flattered. They love sweet words and interesting conversation. If you observe ladies like clinging to guys that are funny, the kind that makes them laugh all the time.

They don’t like a sadist, someone who’s not putting on a smiling face. So crack jokes sometimes, make her laugh and be addicted to you and she’ll always enjoy your company.

Remember you can’t win a women’s heart when she distastes your company.

Women Love Gifts

How to Toast A Girl

You can’t win a woman’s heart if you can’t buy her gifts. The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach while the way to a woman’s heart is through spending. So brother, buy her gifts sometimes. Not just anyhow gift, but expensive ones.

Before getting her anything, study her and know what she likes, don’t just buy random gifts for her, which might spite her interest or send a wrong message.

If you are close to her female friends inquire from them what she might like. This point is important when toasting a lady.

Women Love Surprises

How to Toast A Girl

Even though she hasn’t accepted your proposal, surprise her every now and then. Take her to see a movie or shopping.

This will build a bond between the two of you. Some girls can be very stubborn, especially if she’s independent, I mean if she pays her bill.

Throw a surprise birthday for her and make her know you are capable.

Women Love Muscular Guys

How to Toast A Girl

Most women Love Muscular guys, I mean the kind of guys that makes them feel protected and secure. No offense but if you are a bit skinny as a guy, then you should probably hit the gym and lift some iron.

Fitness is the keyword here.

Women Love Complement

Tell her every now and then that she’s beautiful, don’t flatter her just say it in a way she’ll know you mean it.

If she wears new clothes tell her it looks nice on her. If she makes new hair tell her it looks beautiful on her. Be a charmer and she’ll soon fall at your feet.


There’s no woman on earth that’s too hard to crack if you do the right things.

Remember as a man you are the head, and the woman is the neck that points the head in the right direction.

Choose wisely and be patient in charming her.

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All Residents in Nigeria are to Authenticate Their House Rent Agreement with Adhesive Stamp Duty - FIRS
All Residents in Nigeria are to Authenticate Their House Rent Agreement with Adhesive Stamp Duty - FIRS
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