Indonesia Warns of Blocking Social Media Platform X Over Explicit Content

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Indonesia Warns of Blocking  X

Indonesia Warns of Blocking Social Media Platform X Over Explicit Content.

The Indonesian government has issued a warning to social media platform X, stating that it may block the site due to its newly updated policy allowing consensual adult content. The Communications and Information Ministry emphasized that Indonesian laws prohibit pornographic content on all social media platforms, citing the Pornography Law and the Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE) Law.

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Usman Kansong, the ministry’s information and public communication director general, stated that the government has mechanisms in place to prevent pornography, including keyword filtering. He emphasized that the ministry will not hesitate to impose sanctions on X if it violates regulations, including warnings, content removal, and access blocking.

This warning comes after X updated its policies on June 3 to allow consensual adult content, as long as it is clearly labeled. The platform’s decision has sparked concerns in Indonesia, where laws and regulations surrounding online content are strict.

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The government’s stance highlights the ongoing debate between social media platforms and governments regarding content regulation and censorship. While X aims to provide a more permissive environment for adult content, Indonesia is adamant about enforcing its laws and protecting its citizens from explicit material. The situation may lead to a broader discussion on the balance between free speech and content regulation in the digital age.

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Indonesia Warns of Blocking Social Media Platform X Over Explicit Content.

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