Lady Who Was Abducted By Fulani Herdsmen Revealed What They Said About Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra, Others

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Lady Who Was Abducted By Fulani Herdsmen Revealed What They Said About Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra, Others
Mrs. Ngozi Odo- Abuchi picture

Lady Who Was Abducted By Fulani Herdsmen Revealed What They Said About Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra, Others.

Following the accident caused by Fulani herdsmen on Monday in Ebonyi State, a lady who survived the incident and barely escaped with her life revealed her encounter with herdsmen as she was interviewed by the news-press.

The woman identified as Mrs Ngozi Odo Abuchi is a 49-year-old. She graduated from the National Teachers Institute and worked in the Education Department of the Ishielu LGA of the State.

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She narrated that she took a motorcycle on her way back home, the Okada man was to take her from Nkalagu Junction to her home in Obeagu. On their way going, after they’ ve reached the junction of Egedegede and halfway into the area. The okada man was on top speed, so he wasn’ t suspecting anything would happen that time and he didn’ t notice the gunmen putting on black who attacked them, pushed them into the bush, and started flogging them.

Ngozi said they were kicking and flogging them with machetes after which they killed the okada man. She said they also captured other pedestrians along with her, they killed all the men and captured the women with their weapons. She said some of the Gunmen took the hands and nose of the men which they killed. She said they were first people they abducted before capturing other motorcycles, killing the riders, and abducting the females.

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She said she was seriously calling on God to rescue them, the attackers shut her up but she kept on praying. She said one of the bandits stabbed her with a digger but the leader ‘ shouted at him not to kill the women so that she will go and tell her people that this is the consequence of chasing Fulani herdsmen out of their community’

He said she will take their warnings to Nnamdi Kanu that his IPOB and Biafra cannot stop them from operating in the and South- South and South- East.

He also said they will continue to do what they know to conquer Nnamdi Kanu who always rant on social media.

Lady Who Was Abducted By Fulani Herdsmen Revealed What They Said About Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra, Others

She said they collected all their phones, bags, money and every valuable things with them. They also burnt the motorcycles of the deceased riders. She said the attackers were more than 20 and they were all with Ak- 47 rifles.

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She said the abductors told them that they are Fulani herdsmen and their attack on them is a parting gift. She said the fulani herdsmen were told to leave their base as their cows kept grazing their crops and they harvest their cassava and yams to feed their cows which resulted in hunger in the land. She said they were told to leave their community so their people can go back to their farming work.

She said the herdsmen told them that they are taking their lives as payback for their cows that they killed. They said any village in the south that killed their cows or attack their members, their people in charge of security agencies would make sure it’ s paid for its work.

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When she was asked about the language which they speak, she said they spoke pidgin English to them and communicated within themselves with their language.

She said when they noticed the herdsmen weren’ t close by, they ran into the bush and hid behind trees as they were running. She said they spent the night at the bush before they were rescued by some villagers the next day.



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