Man Undergoes Extreme Surgery to Look Like a Cat

Man Undergoes Extreme Surgery to Look Like a Cat
Extreme Surgery: Cat Man

Meet the man who underwent Extreme Surgery to Look Like a Cat.

This is a hard case, when you don’t know a person is more addicted to tattoos or cats? Dennis Avner didn’t spare money and efforts to turn himself into a “Cat Man” or a “Stalking Cat”, as he is known to the world. He not only covered all his body with tiger stripes, but also underwent extensive surgery to look like a real tiger, as a result hitting a world record for the most body modifications. He opted for transdermal implants for wearing whiskers, subdermal implants that changed his face thoroughly, as well as piercing and shaping of the teeth to make them look like tiger’s ones. In November, 2012, he was found dead. According to some unofficial rumors, he committed suicide.

Man Undergoes Extreme Surgery to Look Like a Cat

Stalking Cat (born Dennis Avner; August 27, 1958 – November 5, 2012) was an American man known for his extensive body modifications, which were intended to increase his resemblance to a tigress. For his 14 surgical procedures towards that goal, he held a world record for “most permanent transformations to look like an animal.” The name “Stalking Cat” was his spiritual name.

Man Undergoes Extreme Surgery to Look Like a Cat

Avner was born in Flint, Michigan, and grew up in Suttons Bay, Michigan. As an adult, he joined the Navy as a sonar technician. He left his Navy post around 1981. He then began working as a computer programmer and technician in San Diego, California.

Man Undergoes Extreme Surgery to Look Like a Cat

Stalking Cat, Calhoun, and Weiss were active in the furry community, both online and at conventions. They held monthly gatherings for members of the furry community at their home. Stalking Cat became well known in the furry community and has a biography on WikiFur. He had financial troubles, and in August 2007, he posted publicly on his online journal that he needed a new place to live. Calhoun posted that she and her husband simply could not afford to support him anymore. She also posted that they would be throwing him a send-off party.

In September 2007, at age 49, Stalking Cat moved to Tonopah, Nevada. On November 5, 2012, he died alone in his garage. He was 54 years old. News of the death became public one week later. In an online post, BMEzine founder Shannon Larratt wrote that his death was a suicide.



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