Meet 5yrs Old Sheik Naheem who plans to memorize the Entire Qur’an

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Young Sheikh Naheem is just 5 years old and has finished reading the entire Qu’ran and plans to go further in memorizing the holy book.

Sharing the happy news on social media, his mum wrote:

ASALAM ALAEKUN BLESSED SOJ ..May Allah SWT accept our ibadah in this holy month Amin. A memorable WALIMATUL’QUR’AN of our youngest Sheikh Naheem took place on the 5th of may ’19. MAA shaa ALLAH with ALLAH all things are possible..every talents or potentials need a full time support to unlock it..may ALLAH SWT bless my husband for his full support amin.

With fluency, enthusiasm and great passion for the Qu’ran he made it just at five yrs and absolutely nothing compares to his braveness and focus when it comes to reading Qur’an Maa Shaa ALLAH. May Allah SWT accept his intention to memorise the whole Quran Yah Allah with your Rhaman bless all the wombs in need with pious kids plus all our Children with such beneficial knowledge bikudratllahi Ta’Allah

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