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Mobility with Attitude – Lamborghini Huracam is the fastest camera car in the world

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What do you get when you take a Lamborghini supercar and combine it with a gyro-stabilized camera rig that cost three times more than the car? You get the Lamborghini Huracam. The car started as a $200,000 Lamborghini Huracan that was partly disassembled and had a $600,000 camera rig stuffed into its tiny front trunk.

The idea behind the massively high-end and fast camera rig is to capture the absolute best quality video no matter how fast the car you want to film is. The Huracam was built by Incline Dynamic Outlet, a company known in the aerial cinematography and gimbal tech world. The company says that it took months to develop, fabricate, and install the frame and controls for the camera.
The gimbal itself is from a company called Gyro Stabilized Systems. The camera crammed inside is about as high-end as they come. It’s a Red Epic 8K body. The Huracan is certainly not going to perform as well as it did before getting the giant camera rig grafted onto its front end.
Still, with a 600hp V10 that makes 413 lb-ft of torque, the Huracam will certainly be able to keep up with most vehicles it wants to film. There is no indication of exactly how much the finished camera system weighs.
We are more interested in knowing what the company behind the Huracam wants to film that required them to use a Huracan for the donor car. Maybe they just wanted to build a camera car with style and a DeLorean was just too slow.
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