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My Mum finally joined WhatsApp LAST LAST, and this afternoon she started complaining to me – 9Ja Jokes

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9Ja Jokes

My mum finally joined WhatsApp LAST LAST, and this afternoon she started complaining to me. 9Ja Jokes

She said, “chai this WhatsApp registration dey chop money o.”

“Mummy I no understand… how?” I asked.

She sighed and said: “Since wey I tell your brother to register me on WhatsApp, na so-so money I dey spend.”

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I was confused, 🙄I didn’t understand what my mum was talking about.

But after a while I got a clue and then asked:

“Oh ok, Mummy na MB dey chop your money?”

She raised eye brows😲 and said:

“Ah, which one be MB nah? 🙆‍♀️

I hope say I no go pay for that one o,

Because I don pay 8k for chatting permit,

7k for friend request fee,

3k for posting fee,

6k for profile picture permit.
And this evening again, your brother don talk say WhatsApp say make
I bring 5k for international WhatsApp passport.,

I don tire! 😞Na so una dey spend money for this thing?”

Me, I come say she go need WhatsApp Verification Number (WVN).

And that one is N35k only!!!,
but make she try bring N30k make I help her add the remaining 5k as a good child.🤪

I cannot come and miss out!..🤔

Mummy was happy 😊to hear this with a joyful laugh and now said to me that all these good thing you my children are doing to me, your children too will do more than that to you by God’s Grace…🙏

Then I waka comot as the situation don enter prayer…

For 3 hours now mummy have been calling me to come and take the N35k for the number…

To go house now na wahala because I no want take the money make my children no go do worse things to me oh….

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