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Pray For Me! “Rihanna’s Styl­ist” Reveals HIV-Pos­i­tive Sta­tus On Twit­ter

Pray For Me! Rihanna’s Stylist Reveals HIV-Positive Status On Twitter

Pray For Me! Rihanna’s Styl­ist Reveals HIV-Pos­i­tive Sta­tus On Twit­ter

A pop­u­lar celebri­ty styl­ist Far­ren “Fuc­ci” Jean Andrea, is request­ing that we all pray for him as he announced that he has been infect­ed with the dread­ed Human Immun­od­e­fi­cien­cy Virus (HIV).

The 25-year-old styl­ist, who has styled the likes of Rihan­na, Jhene Aiko, Bel­la Hadid, and more, took to his Twit­ter account on Wednes­day, July 25, to make the announce­ment as he fur­ther sought our prayers.

Using the cap­tion “Pray for me,” Fuc­ci revealed how hard it was for him to reveal his HIV sta­tus to the entire pub­lic, as he urged his fans and fol­low­ers to sup­port peo­ple liv­ing with the virus, espe­cial­ly when they make their “truth” known to the pub­lic.

New York City-based inde­pen­dent mag­a­zine focus­ing on fash­ion, Paper Mag­a­zine, con­firms the nexus between Fuc­ci and Rihan­na, adding that he’s “the most influ­en­tial per­son in fash­ion you’ve nev­er heard of.”

The mag­a­zine added: “His keen eye has earned him a vast fol­low­ing on Twit­ter and Insta­gram, with even Rihan­na count­ing her­self as a fan — a move that also led to him land­ing a job on Diddy’s cre­ative styling team, The Fash­ion Man­sion Group. We chat­ted on the phone about his inspi­ra­tions, goals, and how he plans to become the next Yeezy.”

In an exclu­sive inter­view pub­lished by the mag­a­zine on Sep­tem­ber 1, 2016, the styl­ist had revealed how Rihan­na found his work.

Rihan­na prob­a­bly is the rea­son I have my fol­low­ers, to be hon­est. When she first fol­lowed me I was only at 2,000 or 3,000? Right after she fol­lowed me, it start­ed sky-rock­et­ing. She was post­ing some of my fash­ion col­lages and, of course, she DM’d me a cou­ple of times and said some nice things about my sense. I hope that I get to work for her one day. Hon­est­ly, she’s the one who pushed me to keep doing wardrobe styling because when I would DM her, she would be like “You have a great eye and hope­ful­ly I’ll work with you one day.” That real­ly moti­vat­ed me and work­ing with her has become one of my goals. Hon­est­ly, she’s the rea­son that my Twit­ter turned into a fash­ion blog, because she start­ed telling me to post more looks.”

The Fadar reports that in March 2017, he styled Rihan­na for a Paper Mag­a­zine cov­er sto­ry. (He’d pre­vi­ous­ly dressed Bel­la Hadid for the mag­a­zine in Decem­ber 2016.)

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