South Africa Church Hostage Leaves Five People Dead

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South Africa Church Hostage Leaves Five People Dead

South Africa Church Hostage Leaves Five People Dead.

The most trusted safe place shockingly becomes a crime scene. The police were on an ongoing hostage negotiation at the International Pentecost Holiness Church (IPHC) in Zuurbekom on Saturday. 

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The SAPS said that they were alerted about the situation early this morning and had managed to arrest 30 suspects. Only five fatalities had been reported so far. 

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“Early hours this morning #SAPS was alerted to a hostage situation & shooting @ International Pentecost Holiness Church, Zuurbekom, 30 suspects arrested & seized more than 25 firearms. 5 fatalities are confirmed”, said the SAPS in a tweet. 

The police further added that the scene is still active with SAPS Hostage Negotiators. 

The news shook South Africans, they pointed out that there isn’t a safe place anymore. 

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“5 fatalities at a church? No place is safe anymore”, said Neville Taai.

Citizens are concerned about the amount and quality of ammunition seized and how organized the operation was, they speculated that it’s a bigger thing. “Just by looking at this pistol to carbine assembly, I can say some of these suspects are tactically trained. I’ve never seen an ordinary suspect or criminal with this assembly”, said Bukky Boy. 

We are yet to hear from the SAPS how the negotiation went. 

More details coming in soon…

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South Africa Church Hostage Leaves Five People Dead
South Africa Church Hostage Leaves Five People Dead
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