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Sunday Igboho To Face Trial At Beninese Court – A Better Fate Than Nigerian Justice System?

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Sunday Igboho To Face Trial At Beninese Court – A Better Fate Than Nigerian Justice System?

Since the news broke the internet about Sunday Igboho’s residence being attacked by gunmen, later revealed to be DSS, the secessionist has been on the run, and barely surfaced anywhere. Two days ago, he was arrested in Cotonou while allegedly trying to flee the country. 

Igboho was arrested by the security forces in Benin Republic about three weeks after the Department of State Services declared him wanted for allegedly stockpiling arms, an allegation he has since denied.

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How was Sunday Igboho arrested?

Sunday igboho was arrested in Cotonou and was to be repatriated to Nigeria last Tuesday from Benin Republic, a neighboring country of Nigeria. According to a punch correspondent:

“He was arrested in Cotonou while he tried to travel out on Monday night. His destination was Germany. The security forces in Benin Republic should repatriate him to Nigeria on Tuesday,” the source said.

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Although the Nigerian government had placed the Nigeria Customs Service and the Nigeria Immigration Service on alert to stop Igboho from leaving the country, it proved futile as he somehow managed to escape.

How the Nigerian government tried to extradite and failed

Today, another news broke the internet, when it was revealed that the Nigerian government tried to extradite Sunday Igboho but failed. This was due to the Beninoise government turning down the Nigerian governments’ push for extradition. 

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The move failed after the Beninoise government tagged Igboho “not for extradition”. Instead, he would be facing charges for passport-related offenses.

A source disclosed; “Igboho may be arraigned for passport-related offenses in Benin Republic tomorrow. His Nigerian lawyers are here already. Yoruba leaders in the Benin Republic have been supportive as well,” a source had told SaharaReporters on Wednesday night”.

Sunday Igboho Arrives Beninese Court Ahead Of Trial

Today, Sunday Igboho arrived at the  Cour De’appal De Cotonou, ahead of his arraignment by the authorities of Benin Republic for immigration-related offenses. 

Much support has been shown by the Yoruba living in and around Cotonou as they stormed the court, awaiting the commencement of the trial. They laid emphasis on the fact that Igboho should not be returned to Nigeria, saying that he had committed no offense.

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According to Sunday Igboho’s lawyer, Mr. Yomi Aliyu, who spoke during a radio talk program on Rave FM, tagged ‘Frank Talk’ last Wednesday, said Adeyemo had boarded a plane going to Germany when he was identified by a passenger who raised awareness that he was a wanted man. According to Aliyu, “He was already in the plane in Cotonou, on his way to Germany with his wife and his brother. Somebody pointed him out to be a wanted person. He said:

“He was brought down with the wife and brother and a fracas ensued because he was to be flown to Nigeria by a standby helicopter. “But the wife and the brother put up a fight and started shouting at the airport, which attracted some other Yoruba indigenes and they came to their rescue.”

The Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, expressed disgust over the way the federal government has stomped on Sunday Igboho’s right. He laid emphasis on the fact that the government must be fair in handling his case and that of other agitators.

The Yoruba warlord, Mr. Kehinde Aderemi, also urged the federal government not to trivialize issues of agitation in the country. He emphasized that the call for a Yoruba nation came to the front burner in Nigeria’s political history because of growing injustice, nepotism, corruption, and maladministration in the various sectors of the country.

Is Sunday Igboho’s trial at Beninese Court better than the Nigerian justice system?

With the high level of corruption across different sectors of the nation, Yoruba nation agitators know that Sunday Igboho is best judged by the Beninese Court than Nigerian. In recent times, the federal government has shown that they are willing to go to any extent to clamp down on secessionists but has not channeled such energy in dealing with other major issues in the Nation. 

In the end, the outcome of the trial would show if he is best judged there than in Nigeria. However, many hold the opinion that whatever the case may be, facing the Beninese Court is by far a better option than extradition to Nigeria.

What are your thoughts about the situation? Is Sunday Igboho better off in the Beninese Court than Nigerian? Comment below.



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