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The Power to design and pilot your life is in your hands – Abel Wealth

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Let me tell you a story…

“A young chap went to a soothsayer to inquire about the hope of his future.

Right before his eyes, the soothsayer drew two circles, one in white and the other in black.

He then put a millipede in between the circles, saying:

“if the millipede crawls into the white circle, your future will be bright and very great,  but if it crawls into the black circle,  then you are finished and doomed! No future at all!.”

As soon as the insect was dropped in between the circles, it began crawling towards the white circle.

This chap was super-excited, but suddenly, as it got to the edge of the circle, it turned back and began crawling away from the white circle towards the black one.

The boy watched as the insect progressively moved farther away from his desire to his doom.

Then, just when the insect got to the edge of the black  circle,  this chap stretched his hands, picked it up and carefully dropped it in the white circle.

The soothsayer was in shock, never seen anyone intervenes in his own matter. While watching all the while, he asked the chap the reasons for his action.

The boy smiled and replied:

“I cannot sit and watch my destiny go down the gloom doom! While I can still  do something about it to change it’s course.  My destiny is in my hands.”

He got up and left.”

This year, get the hell up, pick up the damn millipede and drop it where you want. The Power to design and pilot your life is in your hands. You either sit down there, complain and feel someone owes you something or get up and determine the flow of your life. It’s up to you.

This is not the year to look for miracles, I will create miracles, I will conjure my own magic.

Abel Wealth (Copied)

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