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IPOB bans Fulani cows in South-East, singing of Nigeria’s National Anthem in schools 

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IPOB bans Fulani cows in South-East, singing of Nigeria’s National Anthem in schools 
Detained IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu 

IPOB bans Fulani cows in South-East, singing of Nigeria’s National Anthem in schools.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has banned the use of Fulani cows for social or ceremonial events in the South-East as well as the use of the Nigerian National Anthem in all schools in the region.

IPOB in its New Year Address signed by Mazi Chika Edoziem and made available to journalists on Monday by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, called on school authorities and proprietors to teach children Biafra national anthem.

Reeling out its programme for the year 2022, IPOB said: “The following are some of the programs and actions which the leadership will vigorously pursue in 2022. These are the ones we can make public for now. Others will be made known at the appropriate time.

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“Worldwide campaign for the unconditional release of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (A Prisoner of Conscience). The Campaign will be called THE PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE CAMPAIGN. In furtherance of this CAMPAIGN, all IPOB family members, Biafrans, and friends of Biafra are hereby urged to change their profile pictures on social media with our official campaign poster.

“Secondly all IPOB families worldwide are hereby directed to activate the earlier instruction passed down to them. We shall embark on a worldwide protest in cities and capitals around the world. 

“Focus of our protest shall be British Embassies, the British Parliament, 10 downing street, the Kenyan Embassies, the Nigerian Embassies and International Organizations like the UN, the EU, Amnesty International, and Media houses.

“The DOS will be creating a new department in IPOB to add to those already existing under the Directorate of State. The department will be designated as IPOB Education Department. The primary responsibility is to teach our history, language, tradition, and culture to our children. 

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“We have about three books that will be published this new year in furtherance of this. After the head of this department is made public, Biafran writers will be called upon to bring forward books and educational materials to be published for our children in primary and secondary schools.

“Beginning from tonight, no more Nigerian National Anthems in all Schools in Biafraland. Our Children must no longer be reminded daily that they are under oppression by singing the national anthem of the oppressor. School authorities and proprietors have a responsibility to teach our children our national anthem. The Biafran National Anthem.

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“The ban placed on fulani cows will take effect in April 2022. Effective this month Fulani cows will not be used for any social or ceremonial events and festival in Biafraland. Our native cows will be used instead for these events,”

The group called on traditional Custodians of Igbo Culture, the Clergy, and Town Unions to ensure that this message gets to the grassroots saying that the zone cannot continue to eat and bring cause and damnation upon its land by consuming cows that were used for bestiality.

The statement added: “The May 30th of 2022 shall take a different format. It shall be celebrated as our Independence Day. Seminars, Symposia, and Lectures in designated halls will be organised. No protests. Preparations for this must commence without delay.

“I cannot reiterate the importance of discipline enough and this applies to all levels of our structure. Every principal servant of the Indigenous People of Biafra report to his /her immediate superior. Our Command-and-Control principle is an indispensable tool in our operations and for our success for that matter. 

“There is no middle way, either you are in or you are out. To this effect therefore those of you who are being led astray, the door of grace is about to shut, and then you will truly have yourself to blame”.”

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