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If You Want to Get Mar­ried This Year, Then Read This (Ladies Only)

A lot of ladies, are still sin­gle year in and year out because of pride and wrongs advice from friends and fam­i­ly. As a matured lady, ask your­self why you are still sin­gle and search­ing every year, we all know God’s time is the best, but their are some things that might be pre­vent­ing God’s time.

Some ladies may have reject­ed God’s sent Hus­band due to their actions and inac­tion. As a lady, you must pray and seek God guardian before you Accept or Reject mar­riage pro­pos­al. Remem­ber oppor­tu­ni­ty comes but once in a life time. Women are like flower they all have their time and sea­son.

These are some of the mis­takes and excus­es women give that’s pre­vent­ing them to mar­ry on time.

You are not my type of Man please
Go and make mon­ey first, if you want to mar­ry me
Shoe get size, abeg look for your size
Am not ready yet, let’s just be friend

Am wait­ing for my guy abroad
Am too young to get mar­ry
I can­not get mar­ry now, am still in school
I can­not mar­ry a man from from your vil­lage or tribe
You are not tall enough or hand­some
You are not Man enough
You can­not take care of Me

I need a rich Man, please go and make mon­ey
I’m still sexy and sweet, i want to enjoy my life
My fam­i­ly say i should not mar­ry you
You do not attend my church, i can­not mar­ry you
you are not a grad­u­ate, i can­not mar­ry you
I’m look­ing for a busi­ness Man, i can­not mar­ry a salary earn­er

You know ladies can give unnec­es­sary excus­es and turn down their des­tined hus­band with­out know­ing. Remem­ber that pride kills, so be hum­ble and let God direct and lift you.


They told her to leave her hus­band because she’s worth more than him.

They told her she’s beau­ti­ful and suc­cess­ful, that a woman of her stan­dard deserves a bet­ter man with a bet­ter job income and per­son­al­i­ty . She lis­tened to them and aban­doned her home.

It has been over 7 years since then and she’s still look­ing for a bet­ter man that match­es her stan­dard. The fun­ni­est part is that those friends who told her to leave her man are still with their own hus­bands, doing every­thing pos­si­ble to save their homes.

Be very care­ful of who and where you take your rela­tion­ship and mar­riage advice. The only advice you can get from a fool is a fool­ish advice. Any­one who rec­om­mends divorce or break up to you at every slight argu­ment with your part­ner is an ene­my that appears like friend.

A lazy man and a poor man are nev­er the same. If a man does­n’t have today does not mean he will be lack­ing for life. As long as he’s GOD fear­ing, lov­ing, car­ing, and appre­cia­tive of your efforts, you don’t have to wor­ry your­self. There are only two ways to regret in life. BEFORE AND AFTER. A woman who choose nev­er to be patience for a while might ends up endur­ing for life. Mar­riage is not a bed of ros­es.


Don’t Mar­ry Because of SEX,
Don’t Mar­ry because you are get­ting OLD,
Don’t Mar­ry because you are of AGE,
Don’t Mar­ry because you are LONELY,
Don’t Mar­ry because you Need some­one to Sup­port you FINANCIALLY.

Don’t Mar­ry because you Mis­tak­en­ly Got PREGNANT for Him,

Don’t Mar­ry because you don’t want to LOSE the per­son

Don’t Mar­ry because of Fam­i­ly PRESSURES,
Don’t Mar­ry because you Like the IDEA Of Mar­riage,
Don’t Mar­ry because of PITY or Out of PITY,
Don’t Mar­ry because of TRIBE,
Don’t Mar­ry because you Admire a WEDDING GOWN you See,
Don’t Mar­ry because you Love KIDS,
Don’t Mar­ry because all your Friends are get­ting Mar­ried,
Don’t Mar­ry because of Physical/ Aca­d­e­m­ic Qual­i­fi­ca­tions.

But Mar­ry Because you want to Ful­fill DESTINY.
A word is enough for the wise, Always Remem­ber that God demote the pride and lift the hum­ble.

Are You Ready For Mar­riage?

Please do the need­ful…

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