This is Nigeria – Okada Man Takes Dangerous James Bond Ride with Two Women

This is Nigeria - Okada Man Takes Dangerous James Bond Ride with Two Wome

Okada Man Takes Dangerous James Bond Ride with Two Women.

It is a good thing to take risk especially when money is involved, but another look at this photo then you begin to wonder if this money making risk is worth taking.

An Okada Man (Bike Man) puts his life in risk and that of two mothers and their babies when he decided to manifest his James Bond skills.

The Okada man decided to try some James Bond styles by allowing two breast feeding mother climb onto his motorbike with their little babies stripped on their back.

We only see this in the movie, but this is Nigeria, anything can happen.

One thought that came to mind was how possible it was for the two mothers to climb on the bike at the same time without falling off. This is a mystery worth cracking.

Another look at the photo you’ll realize a wooden plank was stripe at the back seat of the motorbike and that’s exactly where the two women sat down with the babies on their bike. Perhaps the women might be his wives.

According to our correspondence, this photo was taken in Delta State, Ugheli South.

Lets have your take on this.

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