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Get Free Mobile Data Using DENT App, Here is How

Dent is a mobile app which enables users send mobile data top-up and earn free data from all part of the world. In this tutorial, we are going to exploit how it works and the simple method on how to install the app and get your first free mobile data.

It’s not a trick, or a hack and it’s totally free.

Here are the steps to follow carefully.

  1. Download the Mobile App by clicking here, it supports all kinds of operating system, Android, Apple (IOS), Blackberry etc. Or copy this download link https://dent.app.link/WtUnaY6UJN and place it on your web browser.
Download App Here
  1. Install the app on your phone
  2. Activate the app by registering your details
  3. Instantly you’ll receive 50 Dents for registering
  4. Invite two friends with your referral link

That’s all you need, now to get your free data, you need to have at least 75 Dents on your wallet, meaning you have to invite two friends.

Each friends you invite will earn you 20 dents each.

You can purchase mobile data with your free dent by inserting your number, or any other number on the mobile app where it asks “Send data to”.

Image result for dent app

Simple isn’t it? I hope this helps, you are free to ask any question by commenting.


Note: Dent supports several network operators such as:

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