Turkish People are the Most Wonderful People I Have Ever Met – Joshua Sopuru, Diaspora Connect (DC)

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Diaspora Connect
Joshua Sopuru Diaspora Connect

Nigerian students are known to excel more in academics offshore, and it is our duty to harmonize them hence the purpose of Diaspora Connect (DC). Today we take a look at another amazing young Nigerian youth who has broken boundaries in academic excellence.

Joshua Sopuru is a PhD holder from Girne American University, Cyprus. In his evaluation of the Turkish people, Joshua beliefs they are the most wonderful people he had ever met.

Well, we couldn’t agree less, so let’s find out the reason and basis for his presumption.

Introduce Yourself and your Background

My name is Joshua. I am a from Abia State Nigeria. I was raised in Jos Nigeria under the care of my wonderful parents.

I acquired an undergraduate degree from Nigeria, a master’s and PhD. degree from Girne American University, Cyprus.

During my stay in Cyprus, I studied Management Information System.

Management Information system (MIS) is a course carefully designed for game changers of which I am one.

Gaining admission oversea was not a big deal to me, so I will say, I felt indifferent. However, I was seriously anticipating for the best. My major aim was to learn what I can contribute to my beloved Country, Nigeria after graduating.

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What if, you got admission both in Nigeria and overseas at the same time; would you have stayed back in Nigeria? why

I have tested the Nigerian system during my undergraduate and needed a better experience; something more practical and geared towards change; so, I would have still opted to study overseas.

How has the language barrier been and how did you cope with studies?

In life there are always barriers. I never saw language as a barrier but an opportunity for diversity. Moreover, I can say, the Turkish people are one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. So, it was interesting.

What has been your greatest challenge studying overseas?

Joshua Sopuru Diaspora Connect
Joshua Sopuru Diaspora Connect

My greatest challenge was to remain on course. You see, when people leave their native homes, they are exposed to new opportunities, new experiences. The way you manage these changes will either keep you on course or lead you to destruction. Mentorship and accountability, I must say is key to success. Having a guardian outside your country is important. The Church fortunately can serve as one. 

How would you rate the educational standards between the two countries, Nigeria and Cyprus?

Rating the Nigerian education standard with the one oversea (Cyprus), I will rate this based on three categories:

Category 1: Theory, on a scale of 10 where 10 is the highest value: Nigeria: 8, Cyprus: 6

Category 2: Practical: Nigeria: 5, Cyprus: 7

Category 3: Applicability:   Nigeria: 3, Cyprus: 8

This is my honest rating.

What is your advice on schooling outside the country?

It’s a great experience as it opens you to new ideas. Information Is power and it adds knowledge to you. However, you must be focused and stay true to what you believe in. Accountability is the key to success, therefore submit under a leadership! However, do not let anyone molest you spiritually making you lose your identity. Make sure you associate with people of like faith.

A lot of young Nigerians believe the dream greener land is outside Nigeria, what would you say about that?

I do not believe that, I only believe you can be well-equipped studying oversea in other to contribute immensely back home. To be sincere, suffering is everywhere. Only God can give a better life, and this better life can locate you anywhere if you do the right things. However, studying overseas is great as It opens your mind to opportunities. It lets you know Nigeria can be great again; it exposes the wickedness of Nigerian politicians to you and gives you a sense of responsibility for your Nation.

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs time?

My desire is to be in place of leadership where I can contribute to the Nation. So, I see myself to be the President of Nigeria (*Smiles). However, maybe not in 5 years’ time…

Now that you have the experience of studying outside the shores of your Country, what advice would you give to Nigeria’s Ministry of Education?

My advice to the Ministry is, we should do the right thing. We know the right thing. University Chancellors, Education Minister, the Government and the Education Ministry at large, let’s stop making the process of entering the University difficult. Also, stop frustrating students with corruption of sexual molestation, bribery and witchcraft. If I must say.

I left for my masters same year my younger sister gained admission to do her masters in UNN. I am a PhD holder whereas she is still struggling with her thesis because a professor just keeps on frustrating her.  Her research results were sent to me and I gave a professor friend to evaluate. He exclaimed and pleaded she gives him the right to publish the work as her results are perfect.

However, her Nigerian supervisor for about 6 years now… keeps on frustrating her.

Let us be professional. Lecturing should be treated as a National call and not for business/selfish purposes.

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