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Uni Abuja Student in Critical Condition After Bae’s Mum Poured Hot Water on Him

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A University of Abuja student is in critical condition after his girl friend’s mother allegedly poured him hot water.

According to a Facebook user who shared the graphic photos of the sad event, the girl’s mother who was not in support of the relationship had warned the guy severally to stay away from her daughter and on that faithful day, she invited him over to talk things out, but ended up pouring him hot water after the conversation went soar.

The Victim

Here is an except of how it happen from Facebook:

What a world….
This evil woman invited this young man a student of Uniabuja at her residence in Giri for a discussion over her daughter the young man was dating which she is not in support…. Along the line she poured him hot water and started shouting thief thief only for the neighbours to rush inside and find the guy lying helpless on the ground……
She tried to play smart but luck run out of her plan, i know if she had for long exercise her so called smartness in disciplining her child when it was necessary it couldn’t have gotten to this extent…. This is a lesson to all parties especially guys and parents.

The Girl in Question
Spectators at the Crime Scene

What’s your thoughts on this?

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