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What are the 46 Med­ical Use of Neem Tree (Don­go­yaro Tree)

The Mag­i­cal Ever­green Tree the neem plant is native to India but grad­u­al­ly spread to many parts of the world over the years.


Almost every part of this won­der plant is Med­i­c­i­nal, rang­ing from roots, bark, twigs, leaves, flow­ers and seeds.….. name it.

It’s very com­mon with­in the Hausa com­mu­ni­ties in Cameroon more espe­cial­ly in the Northen regions which pre­dom­i­nant­ly occu­pied by the Hausa eth­nic group. They call it Dogo Yarow which when trans­lat­ed means, TALL CHILD or TALL PIKIN in Pid­gin Eng­lish.….


  1. Car­diac Prob­lems: Infu­sions of leaves in HOT water when tak­en removes bad sug­ars and tox­ins from blood, dilates blood ves­sels, improves blood cir­cu­la­tion and bal­ances heart pump­ing rate.
  2. High Blood Pres­sure: It relax­es errat­ic heart beats and bal­ances blood pres­sure. Research shows that the intra­venous admin­is­tra­tion of neem leaf alco­hol extract sig­nif­i­cant­ly deduces blood pres­sure.
  3.  Eczema : Dried leaves are burnt on red hot char­coal and cov­er to cure eczema.
  4.  Pesticides/Insecticide: Pound a few hand­ful of seeds, add water, mash and fil­ter out solu­tion with a clean sieve. Use to spray your crops.
  5. As a Con­tra­cep­tive: Neem is a nat­ur­al con­tra­cep­tive; it blocks spermatogenesis(the pro­duc­tion of sperm cells) with­out affect­ing the pro­duc­tion of testos­terone. It is thus believed to be an ide­al con­tra­cep­tive for birth con­trol as it is nat­ur­al, avail­able, non­tox­ic and afford­able to almost all.
  6. Neem oil can be use as a sper­mi­cide. It’s applied deep in the vagi­na ( intrav­agi­nal­ly ) before sex­u­al inter­course. It kills sperms and pre­vent preg­nan­cy.
  7. Can­cers: Leaves are rich in antiox­i­dants. The help pre­vent can­cers and also use against devel­op­ing can­cers.
  8. Diges­tion: Take teas of neem leaves or barks to treat diges­tive prob­lems.
  9. Typhoid & Malar­ia: Neem leaves tea is an effec­tive cure for Typhoid and Malar­ia (fevers).
  10. Blood Purifi­ca­tion, Cir­cu­la­tion and Enhance­ment. Neem leaves tea is just excel­lent.
  11. Beau­ti­ful & Glow­ing Skin: Reg­u­lar use of the paste of need leaves. Nb: Adding tumer­ic gives bet­ter results, and adding Cucum­bers makes the results more bet­ter. ALWAYS APPLY ON FACE WHEN GOING TO SLEEP. This mix­ture of leaves, tumer­ic and cucum­ber can also be used for skin whiten­ing.
  12. Chron­ic Wounds & Ulcers: A paste of neem leaves and tumer­ic are effec­tive here.
  13.  Skin infections/ Rashes/ Skin dry­ness: Mash or pound neem leaves and apply green juice on skin. Also use smashed leaves as a skin scrub.
  14. Dilut­ing a lit­tle neem seed oil in water and bathing with also works against skin infections/
  15. Skin ton­er : Boil about 20 to 25 leaves in 1 liter of water in a closed ves­sel over a gen­tle flame for about 20 min­utes. Then fil­ter and put in a clean bot­tle and always use with the aid of a cot­ton to clean face with every night before going to bed. It removes dead skin, treats acne and reju­ve­nates skin.
  16. Cho­les­terol: Leaves’ tea low­ers cho­les­terol.
  17. Improved Eye Health: Wash eyes with cold tea of leaves.
  18. Mus­cles and Joint pains: Tea from leaves and flow­ers joint­ly boiled is a good detox­i­fi­er and anti­in­flam­ma­to­ry.
  19. Breast, Prostate and all Can­cers: Neem leaves detox­i­fy the sys­tem, improve immune response, elim­i­nate free rad­i­cals and inhib­it inflam­ma­to­ry reac­tions. It destroys can­cer cells more espe­cial­ly prostate can­cers growth and and inhibits spread.
  20. Blood Cleanser: Neem leaves tea cleans­es the blood and more effec­tive when tak­en with hon­ey.
  21. Sore throat: Gag­gle neem leaves tea sev­er­al times a day.
  22. Dan­druff & Hair fall: Wash hair reg­u­lar­ly with neem leaves tea.
  23. Painkiller: Extract of leaves and seeds togeth­er gives a good anti­in­flam­ma­to­ry that RELIEVES PAINS, heals CUTS, WOUNDS, HEADACHES, SPRAINS, EAR ACHES.
  24. Antibi­otics: Leaves, barks, and almost all parts of neem have antibi­ot­ic effects, BUT the TWIGS have high­est antibi­otics effect.
  25. Works against dan­ger­ous bac­te­ria like S mutans, S aureus and E Fae­calis.
  26. Hair Treat­ment: Boil a hand­ful of neem leaves in a lit­tle water and use to wash you hair after sham­poo­ing. It’s anti­fun­gal, antipar­a­sitic, antibac­te­r­i­al and antivi­ral prop­er­ties will help to heal your scalp of dan­druff, hair fall prob­lems and from lots of dis­eases.
  27.  Injuries & burns: Neem leaves juice or teas applied on them works faster.
  28. Mouth dis­eases: Neem leaves/bark teas pre­vent mouth dis­eases like cav­i­ties, tooth decay and gin­givi­tis.
  29. Neem seed oil used as a mouth wash heals gum dis­eases. It inhibits the growth of strep­to­coc­cus mutants in the mouth, a bac­te­ria that caus­es oral prob­lems.
  30. Neem bark is effec­tive in the treat­ment of gas­tri­tis and ulcers.
  31. Chick­en pox: Drink reg­u­lar­ly neem leaves tea and also take reg­u­lar baths with it.
  32. Delays Signs of Skin Age­ing: Neem oils and leaves reju­ve­nate skin, fights against under­neath pathogens, thus, keep­ing the skin sup­ple and young for a long time. Add neem leaves pow­der to your face packs. Also dilute seed oil and use on face and body.
  33. Pso­ri­a­sis: Neem oil works mirac­u­lous­ly on pso­ri­a­sis. Neem oil helps to get rid of the itch­es and irri­ta­tion. It mois­tur­izes skin and works against dry­ness and itch­ing.
  34. Black­heads: Apply­ing dilut­ed Neem seed oil reg­u­lar­ly pre­vents the reoc­cur­rence of black­heads.
  35.  Liv­er Health: Neem flow­ers (edi­ble ones) detox­i­fy, heals and pro­tect the liv­er against can­cers and many dis­eases.
  36. Lep­rosy: Need seed oil when tak­en in appro­pri­ate amounts works against Lep­rosy. Nb: Neem oil may be tox­ic when tak­en in large amounts into the sys­tem.
  37.  Nail Dis­eases: Neem seed oil cures more that six­ty types of nail fun­gus.
  38. Under-Eye dark circles/bags: Mix pow­er from leaves with lit­tle water and apply paste with care under­stand eyes. Only wash after 15 to 30 min­utes peri­od.
  39. Bald­ness: Reg­u­lar appli­ca­tion of Mashed leaves on scalp, mas­sag­ing and allow­ing for about 30 min­utes before wash­ing, will trig­ger the growth of hair on bald head. Always add a lit­tle water on mashed leaves.
  40. Weak legs: Deep legs in neem leaves solu­tion or tea for about 30 min­utes. Repeat reg­u­lar­ly.
  41. Viral infec­tions: Her­pes, HIV, Hepati­tis, Influen­za, Com­mon colds, Chick­en pox, etc. Take neem leaves tea reg­u­lar to treat symp­toms, detox­i­fy sys­tem, build immu­ni­ty and pos­si­bly erad­i­cate the dis­ease.
  42.  Tooth ache & Teeth treat­ment: Neem twigs relieve toothache and also bright­en when used as a chew­ing stick to brush teeth.
  43.  Asth­ma: Neem oil in small dozes works against Asth­ma.
  44. Scars & Pig­men­ta­tions: Neem is effec­tive in light­en­ing scars and pig­men­ta­tions caused by acne and rash­es or sca­bies. Use as pre­scribed above under skin prob­lems.
  45. Poi­so­nous bites/Stings: Apply neem leaves juice or seed oil.
  46. Piles/Hemorrhoids: Take neem leaves tea reg­u­lar.

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