World’s Youngest Undergraduate at 6, Meet Joshua Beckford from Nigeria

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Nigerians are talented and gifted in diverse aspect of life and academics, despite the criticism and discrimination against Nigerian immigrants, residing in other countries, we always float higher.

One of The ‘Worlds Youngest’ Genius Joshua Beckford, a Nigerian teenager has broken another record to proof the later.

According to verified reports, Joshua at age of 6 became the youngest person ever to be accepted into Oxford University with distinctions.

At age 14, Joshua graduated from Oxford University with “distinctions” In all the subjects he studied.

When he was just a little baby, Joshua was diagnosed with high functioning Austin and while he was just 10 months old, he could already read, write and understand the Alphabet.

Surprisingly, by the time he turned 2 he could read and speak Japanese fluently and at age of 6 while most kids at his age were still learning how to count ABC, Joshua was already intellectually ready to attend one of the best universities in the world!!!

He is currently in Nigeria for fundraising for his school building project in Kaduna.

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