September 25, 2022


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Very Important! Once You Clock 35 Years Of Age, Reduce Your Intake Of These 4 Things

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Very Important! Once You Clock 35 Years Of Age, Reduce Your Intake Of These 4 Things

Very Important! Once You Clock 35 Years Of Age, Reduce Your Intake Of These 4 Things.

Don’t be deceived by the word ” Good Life. ” Good life reads different meanings to different people. Some people think a good life is when you live big, buying expensive things here and there, going to the club, and partying hard. Well, I will tell you the real meaning of Good life when it comes to health. A good life means staying free from things that will cause you disease and sickness. It is a lifestyle that shows physical, mental, or emotional wellness which is beneficial to one’s physical, mental, or emotional state.

As you’re aging, there is a need for you to understand the type of good life you need. The only way to avoid old age is to die prematurely, and I know you wouldn’t want that. So as you get older, your body system changes and some functions are limited, there will be a decline of biological functions and of the organism’s ability to adapt to metabolic stress. You need to prepare for it so that you won’t suffer when you get old. In this article, we will provide you with good tips on how to live a good life that will make you healthy at old age.

When you clock 30 to 40, your body starts changing gradually, some people notice they are not that active as they used to be, your body becomes vulnerable to infections and diseases more than ever before. This is the reason why some people who look healthy may start developing certain health conditions when they get to full adult age. At 35 your body begins to become susceptible to diseases like diabetes, liver problems, kidney problems, heart disease, mental disorders, etc. At age of 35, you need to reduce your intake of certain foods, in a more serious note, you may need to stop eating certain foods that are no longer favorable and healthy. But people act out of ignorance, they go around eating and doing all the things that are not healthy for them at their age hoping that their immune system will back them up as usual. My dear after reading this article and you continue engaging in things that are not healthy or favorable, you are just digging your grave because they are diseases that are associated with old age, they are often referred to as age-related illnesses. Examples of these illnesses are diabetes, heart problems, stroke, prostate cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, liver disease, kidney disease, high and low blood pressure, etc.

To reduce the risk of these diseases you need to be conscious of your diet and lifestyle. To live a good life you need a little or total in your lifestyles and diets.

My dear, once you clock 35, reduce the intake of these 3 foods or stop them entirely. It is very important and necessary.

#1. Soft drinks and sodas

Very Important! Once You Clock 35 Years Of Age, Reduce Your Intake Of These 4 Things

Soft drink is good for children and young adults but a threat to advanced men and women. Soft drinks and sodas are rich in refined sugar and caffeine fructose which are not favorable for you. Consuming these foods which have a high content of artificial sweeteners like aspartame and saccharin and artificial preservatives can cause serious health-related problems. Medical researches have proven that these things can increase the risk of diabetes, stroke, cancer, etc. If you love your life you should run from this food and eat more natural foods like homemade fruit juice.

#2. Alcohol

Very Important! Once You Clock 35 Years Of Age, Reduce Your Intake Of These 4 Things

Alcohol can be good for the body in some cases but taking it at this age can be hazardous to your body. Some people don’t live up to 30 to start seeing the effect of alcohol. Consuming alcohol has a dangerous effect on men and women, it increases pressure on the kidney and liver, causing them to experience some life-threatening diseases. In women, it increases the risk of breast cancer, miscarriage, urinary tract infections, etc. In pregnant women, it can affect the development of the baby in the womb, causing the child to experience brain and physical limitations.

It is medically advisable you stop the intake of alcohol rather than limiting the number of bottles you consume daily. At this stage, you need to stop because your body is already growing weak.

#3. Fries

Very Important! Once You Clock 35 Years Of Age, Reduce Your Intake Of These 4 Things

This is one of the major contributors to the risk of heart disease. Fries are not healthy for men and women who are obese and people who want to live a healthy life at old age. Eating too much- fried food causes an increase in the cholesterol in the body which is not good for the heart. It also leads to being overweight and obese by increasing the total calories in your body system. It can also cause diseases like arthritis and other bone-related conditions in both men and women. You should also reduce processed foods because it is another factor that contributes to the risk of age-related illness.

#4. Smoking

This article can’t be complete without mentioning ” smoking, ” smoking has so much effect on people who smoke. None smokers are at less risk of developing certain illnesses like lung cancer, heart disease, blood disease, etc. Smoking is now a trending lifestyle among men and women, no matter how you may think of the good effect of smoking, it has more risk than its benefit. In women and women, it can increase the risk of stroke, lung cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, kidney problem, blood infection, etc.

Don’t live your life out of ignorant, be conscious of your health, a negative lifestyle and poor diets can shorten your life span.



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