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Video: ‘Fire Will Fall’ If Churches Are Shut Down Again – Bishop David Oyedepo Threatens FG

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Bishop David Oyedepo Threatens FG

Video: ‘Fire Will Fall’ If Churches Are Shut Down Again – Bishop David Oyedepo Threatens FG.

The General overseer of living faith ministries, Bishop David Oyedepo has threatened that ‘fire will fall’ if churches are shut down again in Nigeria.

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The Nigerian government had shut down all the religious centres due to the COVID-19 Pandemic that has claimed several lives worldwide.

However, many clerics like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had criticized the government and some pastors who agreed to close down churches over coronavirus without consulting with fellow church leaders.

In a recent sermon, Bishop Oyedepo threatened that the next time anybody tries to close down the church, Fire will fall.


He claimed that its’s only in Winners Chapel that the (Pastors) lay hands on Covid-19 patients and heal them straight. Oyedepo said:

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“I know the world will come to the point where we’ll say we are being fooled cause the devil that is deceiving the world, he has the capacity to deceive the whole world.”

“Thank God we are not fooled, Thank God we have not been fooled, Thank God he made us smarter than our enemies. Its only here they lay hands on Coronavirus patients and then walk free and heal them straight.”

“Could they have asked me in person, Should we shut down the church? Can anybody ask me that question? No.. they know where to ask, they know who to call. There are many pastors like that in this country, you can’t dare them.

Did you close down the occult houses? the Ogboni houses? Did you close them down? Don’t you go there yourself?…(Speaking in tongues)..The next time anybody tries that, Fire will fall!”.

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Bishop David Oyedepo Threatens FG
Bishop David Oyedepo Threatens FG
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