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VIDEO: Meet for­mer pros­ti­tute who owns Sh90 mil­lion man­sion

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Praxidese Khatem­ba Imon­je Beil. She ditched pros­ti­tu­tion[ Photo/radiojambo.co.ke]

Pros­ti­tu­tion has become pop­u­lar in dif­fer­ent parts of the nation. Many women have turned to pros­ti­tu­tion to earn a liv­ing.

While some of the women are still strug­gling to make ends meets, Praxidese Khatem­ba Imon­je Beil, a pros­ti­tute from Mtwa­pa in Kil­i­fi coun­ty, has achieved a lot since she joined the indus­try.

She is now a proud own­er of a Sh90 mil­lion man­sion.  The for­mer house girl is mar­ried to rich old white­man, Wolf­gang Woll Beil, and now has got the mon­ey she dreamt about since she was young.

In an past inter­view, Imon­je admit­ted that life has not be rosy as many think when­ev­er they see her dri­ving in expen­sive cars and liv­ing a classy life.

I used to work from one club to anoth­er. I used to go to beach­es just to look for men. It used to reach a time when you want­ed to get just 100 bob and you do not get it. You have to look for a man so that you get that 100 bob so that you get some­thing to eat,” she said dur­ing the inter­view.

The sto­ry of Imon­je has also high­light­ed the chal­lenges com­mer­cial sex work­ers go through in order to earn mon­ey from men.

Here is the video

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