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VIDEO: Meet former prostitute who owns Sh90 million mansion

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Praxidese Khatemba Imonje Beil. She ditched prostitution[ Photo/]

Prostitution has become popular in different parts of the nation. Many women have turned to prostitution to earn a living.

While some of the women are still struggling to make ends meets, Praxidese Khatemba Imonje Beil, a prostitute from Mtwapa in Kilifi county, has achieved a lot since she joined the industry.

She is now a proud owner of a Sh90 million mansion.  The former house girl is married to rich old whiteman, Wolfgang Woll Beil, and now has got the money she dreamt about since she was young.

In an past interview, Imonje admitted that life has not be rosy as many think whenever they see her driving in expensive cars and living a classy life.

“I used to work from one club to another. I used to go to beaches just to look for men. It used to reach a time when you wanted to get just 100 bob and you do not get it. You have to look for a man so that you get that 100 bob so that you get something to eat,” she said during the interview.

The story of Imonje has also highlighted the challenges commercial sex workers go through in order to earn money from men.

Here is the video

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