This is What Kills When Guns are Fired, It’s Not the Bullet

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Guns are Fired

This is What Kills When Guns are Fired, It’s Not the Bullet.

Often times many people have misunderstood the fact whenever someone is shot by a gun it’s the bullet that kills. This bullet that you see and hear of are usually metals shot from a gun at high speed most of this bullets are made from lead metals.

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Guns are Fired
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Having the understanding that it the bullet that kill when an individual is shot is not totally wrong but there is more to that. In this article i will telling more about what kills an individual that was shot by a gun not just the bullet but alot more happened.

Guns are Fired

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Firstly, a bullet is just a metal but inside the bullet contains toxic and harmful metals like lead that is very dangerous to your system. When you are been shot this toxic and harmful substance mix with your blood, after mixing with the blood it makes the blood poisonous thereby leading to instant death of the person.

Secondly, the human blood is oxygenated meaning that it contains oxygen that why when a person is shot by a gun the bullet that enter their body contains chemicals, dangerous and harmful substances like lead that reduces the oxygen level in the blood. When the blood is deoxygenated meaning that it lack oxygen it will be impossible for that individual to live.

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In conclusion it is the harmful, dangerous chemical substance in a bullet that kills not the bullet.

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Guns are Fired
Guns are Fired
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