VIDEO: Mohbad and his Wife Had An Argument Before his Death, Primeboy Drops More Secrets

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Mohbad and his Wife Had An Argument

Mohbad and his Wife Had An Argument Before his Death, Primeboy.

The music industry is in mourning as the mystery surrounding the untimely demise of the beloved singer Mohbad takes an unexpected turn. Primeboy, a close friend and colleague of the late artist, recently emerged from the shadows to share his side of the story in an exclusive interview with TVC.

Primeboy, whose real name is Ibrahim Owodunni, had been declared wanted by the police in connection with Mohbad’s death. However, he revealed that he was never contacted by law enforcement to answer questions about the incident. Instead, he first learned about his wanted status through social media.

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In the interview, Primeboy vehemently denied having any altercation with Mohbad on the fateful day. He recounted that both he and Mohbad were together in his car when an intense argument erupted between Mohbad and his wife. Mohbad was visibly upset by his wife’s words and actions within the confines of the vehicle, attempting to exit the car on several occasions.

Mohbad and his Wife Had An Argument

Primeboy’s role in this situation, as he explained, was to prevent Mohbad from leaving the car in a fit of anger. He was acting as a friend, trying to calm Mohbad down during this emotionally charged moment. According to Primeboy, “Wunmi was the one who hurt Mohbad,” insinuating that it was Mohbad’s wife who was at the center of the dispute.

He clarified that reports suggesting he had engaged in a physical altercation with Mohbad were entirely false. Primeboy emphasized that he had only intervened to prevent his friend from making a rash decision during a heated argument.

In a tone of shock and dismay, Primeboy expressed his disbelief at the way Mohbad’s wife had gone online to accuse him of involvement in her husband’s death. He stressed that, far from being an adversary, he considered Mohbad a friend and a brother. The accusations had taken him by surprise and left him deeply hurt.

Mohbad and his Wife Had An Argument

As the investigation into Mohbad’s death continues, Primeboy’s interview sheds light on the complex dynamics surrounding the tragic incident. It remains to be seen how this shocking turn of events will influence the ongoing investigation and public perception of this unfortunate loss within the music industry.

Watch the interview below:

Here is a transcript of the interview:

Police Said They’ve called you severally, but you refused to come?

That’s a big lie, how will I receive a message from the police and I will refuse them. Before the wanted thing I wanted to go to the police station to explain myself and clear my name. People Starter accusing wrongly, when I called my friends and family they said I should wait and chill time the police invites me. I’ve been waiting for the police to invite me, suddenly I just saw it online that I have been declared wanted with 1 million naira bounty for anyone who finds me, I was surprised and shocked.

Mohbad is my childhood friend, all those times Mohbad was having issues with his step mother, I was his mother, I was his dad, I was his friend, I was everything to him. He lived with me then, my mum was the one feeding the two of us then.

I was not with him the day he died, we departed after a show when he chased me down from the car on Sunday before his death. He called me out on Friday to come to Island, I didn’t know he had a show that day, I got there and we were gisting and having fun. He then told me sorry I didn’t not tell you I have a show in Ikorodu.

The next day Monday was my brother’s birthday so Mohbad told me after the show I can invite my younger brother to come over so he can celebrate the birthday for him.

Mohbad chased me out at town hall inside the car, him and his wife were having some argument about family issues and he wanted to get down from the car, so I was holding him back not go get down.

People don’t know how I feel loosing him, they are accusing me, the feeling is crazy and God knows my heart.



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