VIDEO: Wife Beat Up Husband for Slapping Her in Front Of His Mother

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Wife Beat Up  Husband
Wife Beat Up Husband

VIDEO: Wife Beat Up Husband for Slapping Her in Front Of His Mother.

Sometimes as a man, it is good to respect yourself and allow your wife to have her way especially when you have offended her and she has refused to give you food to eat since morning leaving you with no strength to even quarrel.

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The case of a man and his wife seriously battling after a brief argument was not a good sight for his aged mother, neighbours, and passersby.

According to the video which had since gone viral, the fight started after a little misunderstanding between the man and wife which led to the intervention of his aged mother.

On seeing his mother’s intervention, the man was said to have slapped his wife angrily to show he was indeed superior and the head of the family.

Wife Beat Up  Husband

The boiling wife who was waiting for an opportunity to show her strength and justify the quote that says “What a man can do, a woman can do better”, lifted her husband and slammed him on the floor.

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She didn’t stop there; she bounced on him and forced him to fall inside a gutter just beside where he initially landed. 

Sitting on his body, she threw punches on him while he struggles to regain balance and manhood. 

It took the help of neighbours and passersby to separate the fighting couples.

It’s hard to believe a woman can move such a way, just the same way we see in WWE. 

Wife Beat Up  Husband

If you ask me I would say she has watched a lot of WWE wrestling and may have even practiced the moves just in case a day like this comes so she can fully defend herself.

From the look of things, this was not the first time the couple has engaged in such a battle, the man must have oppressed her so many times. It appears he met his waterloo this very day.

Wife Beat Up  Husband

Let’s hope he learns from this embarrassment.


What’s your thought on this, is she right to beat her husband up?

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Wife Beat Up  Husband
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