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We sleep with sev­en to 10 men dai­ly to meet N30,000 Dai­ly Tar­get’


Three girls who were traf­ficked from the South­south and South­east to Lagos for pros­ti­tu­tion yes­ter­day said they were forced to sleep with sev­en to 10 men every­day to meet their N30,000 dai­ly tar­get.

The vic­tims – Helen Dick­son, 22; Deb­o­rah David, 18 and Chin­wen­du Oyekachi, 18 – were alleged­ly lured to Lagos by a man iden­ti­fied as Ikechuk­wu Egbule­fu, with promis­es of decent jobs.

But on arriv­ing the Cen­tre of Excel­lence, the vic­tims said Egbulefu’s lover, Vera John, told them the job they had for them was pros­ti­tu­tion, adding that any­one who refused would be aban­doned on the street.

Luck ran out on the sus­pect­ed traf­fick­ers when the police got infor­ma­tion that the vic­tims were being held hostage at Wag­bas Hotel in Ajah, where they were report­ed­ly forced into pros­ti­tu­tion.

At the police com­mand head­quar­ters in Ike­ja, the state cap­i­tal, yes­ter­day, the vic­tims said aside being made to sleep with many men each day, Vera, who they called mum­my, usu­al­ly took all the mon­ey from them.

Chin­wen­du, who wept uncon­trol­lably, said she had been in the hotel since April, adding that the sus­pects even took her to a witch doc­tor after she was accused of steal­ing some mon­ey.

She said: “She (Vera) threat­ened us. Two of us they brought to Lagos. The oth­er girl ran away and she (Vera) went to the native doc­tor to make her run mad. She used to beat us that we were not mak­ing enough mon­ey like the oth­ers girls.

That was how she took us to the native doc­tor. The man took some hair from my pri­vate part and my head. She made me swear to an oath that I would die if I ever stole from her. She would make us sleep with so many men and yet leave us pen­ni­less.

“I do not even know where the oth­er girl is. I do not know if she ran mad. She’s from my vil­lage. I have not seen her since that time Mum­my Vera told the native doc­tor to make her go mad.

She put so much fear in me that I could not leave. Each time I want­ed to go, I would be afraid that I would die. She used to tell us that she had gone to prison and that she was not afraid of any­thing. She said if we ever report­ed her, she would be in prison and organ­ise our down­fall.”

Chin­wen­du said her par­ents were not aware she was into pros­ti­tu­tion.

She said: “They did not allow me to tell my par­ents. I did not even know I was com­ing to Lagos that day. I want to Ikechukwu’s house with my broth­er and it was late. So, I slept over there. The fol­low­ing morn­ing, he said we should go to the auto­mat­ed teller machine (ATM). That is the last thing I remem­ber, and that was how I got to Lagos and start­ed pros­ti­tu­tion.

They just took me like that. I did not know this was the work they had in mind. I have been here since April.”

Deb­o­rah said she was brought to Lagos last month after a promise that she would get a clean­ing job at a hotel.

She said: “I was nev­er told it was pros­ti­tu­tion. Ikechuk­wu told me that he would get a cleaner’s job for me at a hotel. I have nev­er been to Lagos and I do not know any­one here.

When we got to Lagos, he took me to Wag­bas Hotel and that was where Mum­my Vera told me that it is pros­ti­tu­tion. I told her I did not want to do it but she said she would give me N2,000 to go back to Port Har­court, te Rivers State cap­i­tal, where they brought me from.

She knew the mon­ey can­not take me back and she said I would just be on the street and a rit­u­al­ist would kill me. I did not have any­where to stay. It was not easy.

There was anoth­er girl they brought. When they told us it was pros­ti­tu­tion, she refused and called her sis­ter, who lives in Lagos. Mum­my Vera dropped her on the road. The girl promised to return with her sis­ter to get me out but I did not see her.

On week days, I sleep with four to six men dai­ly and dur­ing week­ends, it is between sev­en and 10. Yes, the men use pro­tec­tion. They pay between N3,000 and N5,000 each. Mum­my Vera said we have to be mak­ing N30,000 dai­ly and when we do not, she beats us.

The men pay us and she col­lects the mon­ey imme­di­ate­ly they leave. She does not give us mon­ey. She only gives us food. Some men even sleep with us when we are men­stru­at­ing.

I was in the room when the police came and took us out. We were five girls work­ing for her. One of us went for an overnight duty (pros­ti­tu­tion) and had not returned when police took us away.”

Vera said the girls knew they were com­ing to the state for pros­ti­tu­tion.

She denied alle­ga­tions of assaults and harass­ment.

The sus­pect also denied exploit­ing the girls, insist­ing that she kept their mon­ey for prop­er man­age­ment and to send stipends to their par­ents back home.

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