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Wickedness: 55yrs Old Man Caught Sexually Assaulting 12yrs Old Girl Inside Public Toilet

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Sexually Assaulting

Wickedness: 55yrs Old Man Caught Sexually Assaulting 12yrs Old Girl Inside Public Toilet.

Even as the government continues to bring up policies to scare intending sexual offenders, the rate of sexual assault has continued to increase.

Recently a 55-year-old trader, Emeka Okwuome was caught assaulting a 12-year-old girl in the bathroom at Ejigbo, Lagos State.

The 12-year-old primary six victim was said to have been bathing in the bathroom when Okwuome, a widower and a trader at Ladipo market, knocked on the bathroom door and ordered the girl to open for him.

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The compound is said to be having three bathroom for occupants.

According to Vanguard in a chart with the victim, who lost her mother and was brought to live with a relative at No.22 Oladuni Street, it was not the first time Okwuome was assaulting her sexually.

“He met me in the kitchen one day and started fondling with my breasts. He pulled me close to him and released me when he heard footsteps approaching.

“And he warned me never to tell anybody what happened.

“I was bathing on Friday when I heard a knock. He said he was the one and ordered me to open the door that he wanted to urinate. I opened the door out of fear.

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“When he came in, he started fondling with my breasts and inserted his fingers into my virgina. When I told him to leave me alone, he said if I shouted he would beat me.

“He covered my mouth with one hand but I continued moaning in pains until one of our neighbours who wanted to take a bath asked how many people were in the bathroom.

“The neighbour insisted she would not leave there until those in the bathroom came out.”

Meanwhile, the suspect who is a father of three claimed it was the devil’s handiwork.

“It was the devil’s handiwork I went to look for the devil, when I came out I begged the woman not to expose me but she did not, I have also begged the Police to allow us settle the matter among both parties, but they refused.

“If I go to jail who will take care of my children, especially my daughter who is mentally deranged,” Okwuome stated.

The case however, was charged before Ogba Magistrate’s court.

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Sexually Assaulting
Sexually Assaulting
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