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Wizkid Shares Adorable Video With His Older Sister & It’s The Cutest Thing Ever!

Aww! Wizkid Shares Adorable Video With His Older Sister & It's The Cutest Thing Ever! ZUMI

Wizkid loves his family and you can tell if you follow him closely on Instagram.

Other the pictures he posts of his youngest son, Zion, Wizkid also shares random posts of his family. You know how excited you get after seeing your sibling after a while? Well, we got that vibe from Wizkid’s latest Instagram video and it’s the best thing ever. If you can remember, he shared this lovely picture right before his mother’s birthday.

Well, that resemblance we saw is even more glaring in this video of his sister he shared on Instagram. He introduced her saying “we have a lot of making up to do”. We feel you, Wiz.

Does Star Boy look more like his mum or his sister? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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