December 5, 2023

2 thoughts on “Yawa – 9Ja Woman Who Sl£pt With Dog for 3Million Begs for Help After Encountering the Unnatural

  1. May God help us,,,but sleeping with a dog is not the solution to it,,there are many skills out there that can fetch you money,,,pls ma its only God that can n help you.

  2. In the days of old when God judgement is instant, thunder could av strucked her or somebody who great passion for God could av shut her. Even in Sodom and Gomarrah, such beastiality is not mentioned. If she indeed trust God, He could av raise help in Hus own divine ways. She needs to confess her sins and really gone for deliverance. The spirit of dog-sexmaniac has entered her. Unless she is delivered, the worst things will still come upon her.

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