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Yawa – 9Ja Woman Who Sl£pt With Dog for 3Million Begs for Help After Encountering the Unnatural

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Sl£pt With Dog for 3Million

Yawa – 9Ja Woman Who Sl£pt With Dog for 3Million Begs for Help After Encountering the Unnatural.

A deep desire to sl££p with dogs has reached a young woman after she had se3 with a dog.

According to the lady in an email to a popular Instagram relationship coach, Joro Olumofin, she was convinced by her college friends to sl££p with a dog when she complained about financial problems and hardship.

Sl£pt With Dog for 3Million

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She revealed that her friends offered to help her get 3 million naira (GH¢46, 000 = 460 million old cedis) in a single day. After weeks of impatience, she was invited to Victoria Island in Lagos where she sl£pt with a dog.

The young woman claims that she enjoyed the S3X with the dog very much. She claims that she £jacul@ted 3 times without interruption. According to the unnatural c@rnal knowledge, she was paid 3 million naira.

Now the lady claims that she sl£pt with 4 men after the incident, but she didn’t enjoy the s3x. Now she has an uncontrollable desire to sl££p with dogs.

However, she has promised not to sl££p with a dog since she’s achieved her goal of becoming rich but she has reached such a point that she w£ts her p@nts whenever she sees a branded dog.

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She begs the relationship coach and other social media users to help her control her cr@ving for dogs.

She needs your advice, join the conversation by dropping a comment below this post.

In Another News:

Disciplined father cuts off his son’ s hand for joining cult in Calabar.

A man, identified as Mr. Sunday Brown at Nyomidibi community, near Nyangasang town in Calabar, cut the wrist of his son, Mathew, for his alleged participation in the cult.

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The incident occurred after another confrontation between the son and the father, which according to sources, was something that occured regularly.

A youth leader in the community, who goes by the name Timothy Sam, told reporters that Mathew had been arrested several times by police for his behaviour and illegal activities during the night.

” Early yesterday morning, he allegedly took revenge by attacking his father. His father slit his wrists with a machete in self- defence, ” he said.

According to reports from a source close to the family, the ongoing dispute between father and son has torn the community apart, with the alleged cultists showing solidarity with their colleague and threatening to retaliate.

The state police spokesperson, Irene Ugbo, said she had not yet been briefed on the incident but it would be investigated.



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2 thoughts on “Yawa – 9Ja Woman Who Sl£pt With Dog for 3Million Begs for Help After Encountering the Unnatural

  1. May God help us,,,but sleeping with a dog is not the solution to it,,there are many skills out there that can fetch you money,,,pls ma its only God that can n help you.

  2. In the days of old when God judgement is instant, thunder could av strucked her or somebody who great passion for God could av shut her. Even in Sodom and Gomarrah, such beastiality is not mentioned. If she indeed trust God, He could av raise help in Hus own divine ways. She needs to confess her sins and really gone for deliverance. The spirit of dog-sexmaniac has entered her. Unless she is delivered, the worst things will still come upon her.

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