BEAUTY QUEEN Sentenced To DEATH… For Stabbing Boyfriend 25 TIMES… But Some Say She’s TOO PRETTY TO DIE!!! (Full Story/Photos)

A 24-year-old BEAUTY QUEEN is facing the death penalty – after being found guilty for stabbing her boyfriend to death. Ruth murdered her boyfriend using a kitchen knife back in September 2015.

The court in Kenya, Africa last week sentenced Ruth Wanjiku Kamande to death for “deliberately stabbing Farid Mohammed 25 times.”

Reports say that, “The night before the incident, the court heard that she found his old love letters and questioned Farid why he was still holding onto them. He allegedly ignored her and went to sleep only for her to rekindle the conversation the following morning. When neighbors tried to respond to his distress call, they found the door was locked.”

But Ruth begged the court to spare her life, she told the judge that she has reformed in the two years and nine months that she’s been locked away.

Ruth is a beauty Queen. She won a prison beauty pageant. She’s housed at the Lang’ata Women Prison, and was as Miss Lang’ata beauty in 2016.

Begging for leniency, her lawyer enumerated some of Ruth’s achievements: acquiring of five certificates, participating in modeling, dancing, poetry and scriptwriting. But State Counsel Evelyn Wanunga said Ruth is not penitent, and should therefore be handed the death sentence so that it can be a deterrence.

Justice Lesiit said that “young people should know it is not cool to kill your boyfriend or girlfriend, instead it is cool to walk away from such a relationship when it breaks down”.


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