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How to Dex­o­ti­fy­ing Your Body Nat­u­ral­ly with­out Chem­i­cals or Side Effects


Detox­i­fi­ca­tion for glow­ing skin mood acti­vat­ed!

You know what you take inside deter­mines how the out­side will look like, only apply­ing creams with out dex­o­ti­fy­ing the sys­tem leads to ear­ly old age and wrin­kles because of the chem­i­cal reac­tions to your skin. You can still glow with nat­u­ral­ly made oil and dex­o­ti­fy­ing your sys­tem always.

Do you have a rough, uneven or dull skin?

Have you use chem­i­cal­ly made rub­bing oil until it’s now giv­ing you sun­burn, wrin­kles and red face?

Or the oil is no longer work­ing on you body?

Are you look­ing for means to make your face and skin come back to its orig­i­nal state that it was before you start­ed apply­ing chem­i­cal­ly made creams on it?

Then here lies your solu­tion:

Start by dex­o­ti­fy­ing your sys­tem for soft, smooth, bright and glow­ing skin then you stop using any chem­i­cal on your skin and I will pre­scribe a nat­u­ral­ly made rub­bing oil which I will be mak­ing tomor­row for you, grad­u­al­ly it will fade away all chem­i­cals from your skin and make your skin soft, smooth and glow­ing.

Take this to dex­o­ti­fy your sys­tem
2 car­rots
1 cucum­ber
Small bunch of pars­ley,
A hand of gin­ger,
1 lemon (peeled!),
3 ice cubed of spinach (or fresh once if you don’t have ice cubes)
half litre of water.


Wash all, cut and blend with half lit­ter of water.

After blend­ing, sieve it with a strain­er and refrig­er­ate, drink 1 full glass every morn­ing and night.
Trust me! After a few days, you’ll feel relieved And your skin will become very smooth, soft and glow­ing.…

After one week of detox­i­fy­ing your sys­tem you can now take the sec­ond step which is to stop all chem­i­cal­ly made prod­ucts on your skin and start using your nat­u­ral­ly made rub­bing oil and serum and see the mag­ic after one month

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