How to Dexotifying Your Body Naturally without Chemicals or Side Effects

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Detoxification for glowing skin mood activated!

You know what you take inside determines how the outside will look like, only applying creams with out dexotifying the system leads to early old age and wrinkles because of the chemical reactions to your skin. You can still glow with naturally made oil and dexotifying your system always.

Do you have a rough, uneven or dull skin?

Have you use chemically made rubbing oil until it’s now giving you sunburn, wrinkles and red face?

Or the oil is no longer working on you body?

Are you looking for means to make your face and skin come back to its original state that it was before you started applying chemically made creams on it?

Then here lies your solution:

Start by dexotifying your system for soft, smooth, bright and glowing skin then you stop using any chemical on your skin and I will prescribe a naturally made rubbing oil which I will be making tomorrow for you, gradually it will fade away all chemicals from your skin and make your skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Take this to dexotify your system
2 carrots
1 cucumber
Small bunch of parsley,
A hand of ginger,
1 lemon (peeled!),
3 ice cubed of spinach (or fresh once if you don’t have ice cubes)
half litre of water.


Wash all, cut and blend with half litter of water.

After blending, sieve it with a strainer and refrigerate, drink 1 full glass every morning and night.
Trust me! After a few days, you’ll feel relieved And your skin will become very smooth, soft and glowing….

After one week of detoxifying your system you can now take the second step which is to stop all chemically made products on your skin and start using your naturally made rubbing oil and serum and see the magic after one month

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