Beauty Tips: Wanna Lighten Your Skin Without Side Effects? Try This!

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The skin sometimes comes with stubborn blemishes that won’t go away! From acne scars to dark areas If you want to lighten dark areas, acne scars on your face and so on, this natural remedy gets you results in days!

The skin especially the face needs to be pampered often. It goes through the day attracting dust, grimes and even makeup that can easily get lodged into the pores so at the end of each day, it’s important to get rid of all those and try to revitalise it.
Tomato is an edible fruit perfect for lightening and brightening. It’s used a lot in facial masks, in astringents and comes with a soothing and cooling effect. It effectively evens out and lighten the skin so for people with blemishes, it should be used as a home remedy once a week, it rocks if you have oily skin!
Tomato works perfect for shrinking large pores, clearing and evens out dark patches. If you want clearer and baby soft skin without side effects, you should try using it this way:
What you need
Tomato Juice (fresh)
Baking Soda
Pour tomato juice in a clean bowl
Add honey and baking soda to the tomato juice
Mix all the ingredients to get a paste
Cleanse the face
Using cotton balls, apply the paste to the skin
Leave this on for 10-15 minutes
Wash off the face
Apply your moisturizer as usual
See another way to use tomato for facial below
Would you give this a try to lighten stubborn blemishes?
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