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Blac Chyna and YBN Almighty Jay: Breakup Caused by Pregnancy Rumors?

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Early last week, rumors were circulating thatBlac Chyna was pregnant with YBNAlmighty Jay’s baby.

Now, however, some cryptic but not-too-subtle posts on social media by YBN Almighty Jay have fans asking if the two of them have broken up.
Did the pregnancy rumors lead these two to part ways?
Even fans were shocked by the recent pregnancy rumors.
At 18, YBN Almighty Jay is just too young to be a father. And Blac Chyna is still fighting her last baby daddy in court
But the new rumor is just that these two have broken up. And this rumor doesn’t come out of nowhere.
The Shade Room writes:
“Oop! #YBNAlmightyJay was in #ZoeyDollaz IG live comments saying he’s a “free man” and he “cut her off.””
Take a look at this image that they shared.
Sure enough, that appears to show YBN Almighty Jay writing:
“I cut her off bro.”
Then people see him write this:
“I’m a free man.”
Now, he doesn’t say Blac Chyna’s name, but most people, upon seeing those words, very naturally jumped to the conclusion that the two have split.
Did breakup rumors end their relationship?
It’s possible.
But it is also looking like YBN Almighty Jay may have been talking about someone else entirely.
Just a couple of hours after The Shade Room posted that screencap, YBN Almighty Jay responded to what must have been an outpouring of questions from fans and friends.
His response was indirect, and was just a photo of him and Chyna snuggling on a couch. (That photo up top, folks)
His caption was simple: three emojis.
The first of a red heart. The second of a lock. The third of a key.
It seems self-evident that he is saying that Chyna still has his heart on lock.
Some may suggest that he started to break up with her but that he’s staying with her for the baby.
But a source tells HollywoodLife that Blac Chyna isn’t pregnant. Not with YBN Almighty Jay’s baby or anyone else’s.
“Blac is not pregnant but she loves letting people think she is.”
Classic Chyna.
“She lives for this kind of attention.”
That … certainly matches her brand.
“She knows it’s driving Ro​b crazy, so she’s going to keep this rumor going for as long as she can.”
It is reported that Rob Kardashian is furious over the pregnancy rumors. And so is Tyga, apparently.
Then the source continues and begins to share some TMI about the couple.
“Plus, the rumors are a huge turn on for her and her boyfriend.”
Honestly? That’s not something that we ever needed to know.
“He loves fantasizing about getting her pregnant, so any chance she gets to play into it she’ll take.”
That’s an odd fetish at any age, but mind-boggling at 18.
But that’s their business.
So is everything about their sex life, for that matter.
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