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BLOODBATH!!! Over 9,000 Russian Soldiers Allegedly Killed in Ukraine as U.S. Rolls Out Plan To Weaken Russia

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BLOODBATH!!! Over 9,000 Russian Soldiers Allegedly Killed in Ukraine as U.S. Rolls Out Plan To Weaken Russia.

According to Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian forces have thwarted Russia’s ‘sneaky’ plan as the invasion of the European country enters the eighth day.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine last Thursday following an order by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the countries have suffered thousands of human casualties.

However, Ukraine, being the country where the fight is ongoing, has suffered both human and infrastructural casualties. There have also been civilian casualties on the part of Ukraine.

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BLOODBATH!!! Over 9,000 Russian Soldiers Allegedly Killed in Ukraine as U.S. Rolls Out Plan To Weaken Russia

While condemning Russia for the invasion of his country, President Zelensky claimed that the plan took Russia many years to put together.

He added that, even at that, the plan was thwarted by the resistance mounted by his people.

President Zelensky said he was proud of the “heroic” resistance to Moscow’s invasion, adding that over 9,000 Russian soldiers have been killed already.

In a video he posted on the messaging app, Telegram on Wednesday night, Zelensky said, “We are a nation that broke the enemy’s plans in a week.

“Plans written for years: sneaky, full of hatred for our country, our people.”

According to the President, around 9,000 Russian soldiers had been killed since the invasion began a week ago.

However, Al Jazeera reports that the claim on the number of Russian soldiers killed so far cannot be immediately verifiable as Moscow does not report its losses.

Over 2,000 Ukrainians Killed – Report

BLOODBATH!!! Over 9,000 Russian Soldiers Allegedly Killed in Ukraine as U.S. Rolls Out Plan To Weaken Russia

On the Ukrainian side, however, no fewer than 2,000 Ukrainian civilians have died since the invasion started on February 24, the Ukrainian state emergency service said yesterday.

Ten emergency responders were among the dead, it said in a Facebook post. The UN had previously spoken of 142 civilian deaths.

Since the attack, more than 400 fires caused by enemy fire have been extinguished, according to the statement.

The emergency service also said that 500 people have been brought to safety.

Referring to ongoing attacks, it warned that “every hour costs the lives of our children, women and defenders.’’

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U.S. Rolls Out Plan To Weaken Russia

Daleep Singh, President Joe Biden’s deputy national security adviser for international economics has said that the United States’ plans to degrade and downgrade Russia’s status as a leading energy supplier.

He said that the goal of the multiple sanctions on Russia by U.S and its allies is “putting the pain to President Putin and making sure Americans don’t pay.”

Countries, especially in the West, have hit Russia from different angles with various sanctions since last Thursday when President Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

And as the war enters the eighth day, there are growing concerns that the financial impact will be felt in the U.S, especially in higher gas prices.

Singh told CNN that the U.S does not “have a strategic interest in reducing global energy supplies,” a maneuver which would “only increase prices at the pump for Americans, and pad Putin’s profits.”

He said instead that the plan is in “degrading and downgrading Russia’s status as a leading energy supplier.”

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The presidential adviser said the Joe Biden’s administration aimed to cut U.S consumption of Russian oil while maintaining global energy supplies, adding “That’s really our goal.”

We Must Help Ukraine – UN Begs Member Countries

The United Nations, UN, has urged the international communities to help Ukraine.

UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, said Ukraine must be helped to cater for its humanitarian crisis.

He made the call while appealing for $1.7 billion dollars to assist Ukrainians suffering from humanitarian needs due to the ongoing war.

“United Nations agencies and our partners are now working 24/7 to assess humanitarian needs and scale up aid, particularly to women, children, older people and those with disabilities.

“We must help Ukrainians help each other through this terrible time,” adding that “electricity and water supplies had been disrupted, roads had been damaged or destroyed by bombs.”

He also noted that food and medicine were in short supply in some areas.

Russia began its attack on Ukraine last week Thursday.

Describing it as military operations, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said the invasion was aimed at preventing Ukraine from joining NATO.

Despite the attacks, Ukraine had insisted on joining NATO.

We’ll Not Assist Ukraine To Fight Russia – Hungary

Hungary has vowed never to send troops or weapons to Ukraine as the war between Ukraine and Russia continues.

The Hungarians also said it will not allow lethal weapons to transit its territory in order to maintain the safety of the country.

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BLOODBATH!!! Over 9,000 Russian Soldiers Allegedly Killed in Ukraine as U.S. Rolls Out Plan To Weaken Russia

The country’s Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto said this during a visit to Kosovo.

“The reason for making this decision is that such deliveries might become targets of hostile military action and … we have to ensure the security of Hungary … that we are not getting involved in that war,” Szijjarto said after meeting Kosovo Foreign Minister Donika Gervalla.

Hungary, a member of both NATO and the European Union, has a Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, who is a close ally of President Putin.

Both leaders recently met in Moscow at the beginning of February, Al Jazeera reports.

However, when President Putin finally ordered the invasion of Ukraine last Thursday, Orban condemned the “military action”.

He maintained, however, that his country would not be involved and would not assist Ukraine with military force.

Since both countries share borders, Orban declared that he would allow Ukrainian refugees to be given temporary protection in Hungary.

“Everyone fleeing Ukraine will find a friend in the Hungarian State,” Orban said.

China Warns Its Citizens In U.S. To Be Cautious

Chin.ese citizens residing in the United States have been told by the country’s embassy to take measures to ensure their personal safety as reports of discrimination against them in U.S. is on the rise.

The embassy noted that there is much hatred towards China in the U.S. It therefore urged citizens to remain calm in the event that they encounter targeted discrimination.

The statement released by the Chin.ese embassy reads in part, “Make sure you reinforce your safety precautions.

“If you encounter targeted discrimination and violence, remain calm, handle it correctly, try to avoid quarrels and physical conflicts.

“You should pay attention to collecting evidence to ensure your own safety.

“Many Asians have faced assaults, particularly those who work in Chinese-funded institutions and international students,” the embassy added.

President Putin Moves To Save Distressed Russian Economy

Meanwhile, as the war in Ukraine rages on and sanctions continue to rain on Russia, its economy and oligarchs, President Putin has taken a drastic action to insulate the Russian economy from the economic sanctions.

The action taken by President Putin is the banning of Russians from having more than $10,000 with them when leaving the country.

This, according to report, is as the Russian government struggles to keep money inside the country amidst biting sanctions and financial woes.

President Putin said the rule limiting cash movement was a reaction to “unfriendly” steps taken by the U.S. and other Western countries. Russia faces harsh sanctions for its invasion of Ukraine.

The rule affects the movement of foreign currency too. President Putin’s order is designed to make sure that people attempting to leave Russia do not take all their hard currency along with them as the sanctions bite harder.

Long queues are now common at cash machines that still have banknotes as people withdraw their holdings.

Prices of imported goods are shooting up, and people are trying to purchase items like new phones before they become unaffordable.

Late last week, U.S. President Joe Biden announced the first tranche of sanctions on Russia, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

President Biden, in a speech from the White House, said the Russian leader had committed “a flagrant violation of international law.”

“I’m announcing the first tranche of sanctions to impose costs on Russia in response to their actions… These have been closely coordinated with our allies and partners, and we’ll continue to escalate sanctions if Russia escalates,” explained the U.S. president.

“We’re implementing full blocking sanctions on two large Russian financial institutions: V.E.B. and their military bank.”

He added, “We’re implementing comprehensive sanctions on Russian sovereign debt. That means we’ve cut off Russia’s government from Western financing.

“It can no longer raise money from the West and cannot trade in its new debt on our markets or European markets either.”



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