1 thought on “Captured Russian Soldier Allegedly Forced Into War Send Emotional Message to Family

  1. Of COURSE this appeals to emotion . That is human. Emotion should not totally rule . As to dismissing contrition and totally blaming the grunt soldier , they have conscription in Russia .
    Presence in Ukraine may not be a choice . Being in the army may not have been a choice . He may NOT have ” signed up ” for this . Even if drafted a soldier may find himself where he doesn’t want to be . Think of the young American “advisors” who were sent to Viet Nam …not a war but an “advisory mission” or later a “conflict” . Young Americans fou d themselves someplace the did not want to be with no way out . They could not go home . If they refused to follow orders or went over the hill they were liable to be court marshaled. A penalty up to execution is on the books. There was no path to just freely doing what they agreed with

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