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Breaking News: Unknown Gunmen Assassinates President Jovenel Moise

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Breaking News: Unknown Gunmen Assassinates President Jovenel Moise

Breaking News: Unknown Gunmen Assassinates President Jovenel Moise.

The President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise has been assassinated at his home.

The assassination was announced by the interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph.

According to Joseph, President Moise’s house was attacked overnight on Wednesday with the country’s number one man shot dead.

His wife, the first lady was also injured in the attack and had been rushed to the hospital.

“The country’s security situation is under the control of the National Police of Haiti and the Armed Forces of Haiti,” Joseph said in a statement from his office. 

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“Democracy and the republic will win. All measures are being taken to guarantee the continuity of the state and to protect the nation,” Joseph added.

The interim Prime Minister also said the police and army had the security situation under control but gunshots could be heard throughout the capital after the attack, which occurred amid a rising wave of politically linked violence in the impoverished Caribbean nation.

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“All measures are being taken to guarantee the continuity of the state and to protect the nation,” Joseph said.

A report by Al-Jazeera explained that Haiti which has a population of more than 11 million people had grown increasingly unstable and disgruntled under the late president.

There has also been a rising wave of politically linked violence in the impoverished Caribbean nation. 

With Haiti politically divided, and facing a growing humanitarian crisis and shortages of food, there are fears of widespread disorder.

Laurent Dubois, author of Haiti: The Aftershocks of History, who reactged to the president’s death said there were still “a lot of details to be understood”.

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“There’s been an enduring political crisis worsening over the past several years,” he told Al Jazeera.

“Over the past months, in particular, there have been a lot of warnings coming from observers on the ground that the situation has gotten extremely distressing and deteriorating. This is part of that course of events but it is very difficult to understand exactly what transpired and also, worryingly, exactly what will unfold over the next couple of days in the wake of this.”

The 53-year-old Haiti president until his death had ruled by decree for more than a year after the country failed to hold legislative elections and wanted to push through a controversial constitutional reform.

In other news, the governor of Borno State Babagana Zulum, is of the opinion that the ban of open grazing in some states in Nigeria cannot work.

The governor disclosed this in a Channels television programme on Wednesday.

According to him, until the insecurity situation as well as the socio-political and economic dimensions of the crisis is addressed, open grazing ban cannot work.

Zulum explained that the socio-political and economic dimensions of the insecurity in the country as well as the insurgency war in the North-East which he said is fast spreading to other parts of the country must first be addressed.

In his words, “We have to address the socio-political and economic dimensions of this crisis which is very important because there is increasing poverty in the sub-region; that is something that will trigger insurgency.

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“There is increasing food insecurity in the sub-region because food insecurity is the worst form of insecurity and that is why the Borno State Government has been advocating for farming in the last two years. Farmers should be allowed to go to their farm lands.

“The Nigerian military should create the enabling environment for farmers to go to their farmlands so that they can cultivate their lands. It is no longer sustainable for our internally displaced persons living in IDP camps and host communities to receive food and non-food items from donor partners. People must earn their livelihood if we want this insurgency to come to an end.”

“The issue of the socio-political and economic dimensions of this crisis is very important; addressing farmers-herders is also very important, to ensure that the enabling environment has been created to the herders is very important. This issue of stopping open grazing and others will not work unless we sit down and address all these issues squarely,” he added.

Still speaking, the Borno governor said peace is gradually returning to the North-East after over 11 years of Boko Haram war. He however said that the Nigerian Army does not have the lethal weapons, fighter helicopter and numerical strength to fight the aggressors.

He said, “The Nigerian Army of last 30 years, of last 40 years is better than the Nigerian Army of now a days. It is sad, it is very sad. We supposed to have gone far in terms of development but if you look at it, the equipment we have in the last 40 years are still in existence.

“Yes, Mr President has procured some equipment, the equipment are coming but when will they arrive. That is a serious thing that they should look into because we need to address this issue immediately otherwise the issue will consume the greater part of the nation.”

Zulum added, “The Nigerian Army should not relax by our statement that there is peace in Borno State, that there is gradual return of peace in the North-East. Yes, what we are saying is true but that does not mean the problem is over; they have to work hard to ensure that the remnants of the insurgents are cleared in the Lake Chad, are cleared in the Sambisa Game Reserve.”

He also stressed the need for the Nigerian Army to engage mercenaries and leverage on external collaboration with neighboruing countries like Niger Republic, Chad, Cameroon, amongst others, to win the insurgency war which has claimed thousands of lives in the last 11 years.



Breaking News: Unknown Gunmen Assassinates President Jovenel Moise.

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